Best 5 Reasons Why You SHOULD Switch to AT&T in 2024

Best five reasons why switching to AT&T in 2024 might be the best move for you.

I'm also going to give you one really compelling reason why AT&T might not be the best switch for you. So keep Reading, And by the end of this article, hopefully you'll know if AT&T is the right carrier for you.

Table of content: 

  1. Switching Deals. 
  2. Coverage. 
  3. Prices.
  4. Prepaid Plans AT&T in Latin America.
  5. Reason Not to Switch.

Reason number one: (Switching Deals)

Switching Deals

The first reason why switching to AT&T might be the best move you could ever make is that AT&T in general offers pretty great switching deals, meaning when you switch carriers to AT&T, you can save a lot of money. Right now, as this is being published, AT&T is offering $500 if you bring two phones and pour over your cell phone number. 

And they're also offering $1,000 off a new device when you trade in your old device. But these deals are constantly changing. So be sure to check out AT&T's website. I'm linking it in the description below so you can know which deals are best and happening right now or when you are ready to switch.

Reason number Two: (Coverage)

AT&T Coverage

Reason number two, switching to AT&T is a good idea is their coverage. AT&T is constantly fighting for that number one position. when it comes to coverage in 4G, LTE and 5G. Right now, they are in second place behind Verizon, but above T-Mobile when it comes to 4G LTE coverage and in second place again for 5G coverage.

 And on Call Arena, we rate AT&T four and a half stars out of five just behind Verizon, who has five stars, but much above T-Mobile, who only gets three and a half stars for coverage. So if 5G coverage is important to you, well, AT&T might just be a good decision. 

Reason number three: (Prices)

AT&T Prices

The third reason to make the switch are AT&T's prices. Again, AT&T is middle of the road with prices. They're cheaper than Verizon, a little bit more expensive than T-Mobile. However, when you add in more lines, the cost per line goes down. For instance, with the most expensive plan, $85 a month. When you add four lines, it goes down to $50 a month. and goes down to 45 with five lines.

 So basically the more lines you add, the cheaper it gets. AT&T is a really great option for family plans. That's personally what I have. I have AT&T Elite, the old premium plan. I pay $35 a month for about seven lines on my family plan. 

So if you can get on a family plan on AT&T, you can save a good chunk of change. And lastly, when it comes to prices and family plans with AT&T Unlimited Your Way, Everyone can have their own unlimited plan on AT&T. It's not one size fits all. One person can have premium, two people can have elite, another person can have starter. Anybody can choose whichever unlimited plan they want on your family plan.

Reason number four: (Prepaid Plans AT&T in Latin America)

Prepaid Plans AT&T in Latin America

Reason number four to make the switch is not only does AT&T have killer postpaid unlimited plans, they also have great prepaid plans. and their prepaid unlimited plan is one of my favorite coming in at fifty dollars you can learn more about AT&T prepaid up here, but really AT&T prepaid are some of the best in the game.

Reason number five: (Reason Not to Switch)

Reason number five to make the switch is that AT&T offers free calling and free use of your plan, your full plan, in 19 Latin American countries with AT&T premium. It is incredibly specific to AT&T.

No other carrier offers full use of your plan in Latin America like AT&T does. So if you're someone who travels a lot to Latin America, at this map which are the 19 countries that have full use of the plan, then this might be for you. Or if you have loved ones or people you call regularly business partners in these countries, you get full use of that plan.

So that's the fifth reason why switching to AT&T might be great for you. But as promised, there is one reason why switching to AT&T is not a good idea. 

Most carriers offer really incredible perks like lifestyle apps or streaming or entertainment. AT&T does not do that. AT&T has no perks, no entertainment, no subscriptions whatsoever. And that's something I think AT&T really needs to check themselves on is what they are offering for the cost of a cell phone plan. It's enough outdated to just be offering cell phone service with your cell phone plan these days.

AT&T really needs to step up their game. But if perks aren't important to you and you really just like having access to your plan and all of these Latin American countries on premium, or you like the cost or the coverage, then it really doesn't matter. 

Personally, I'm grandfathered in on an older plan that gives me HBO Max and a few other perks. So I'm going to stick with that one. But for any people that are new to AT&T, don't be expecting a lot.

Let me know what you think in the comments. Is there anything I'm missing or is there any reasons why people shouldn't join AT&T?
I'd love to hear from you. I'm Raheem, your telecom expert with CallArena.

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