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Default well would a toshiba satellite run a game like skyrim

I have already inquired about this laptop a bit here, but I want some more clarification. I plan on getting a laptop soon, and I plan on doing a lot of video- photo editing, game creation, and game playing. Check this laptop out, it's a Toshiba satellite P875-S7102 (check it out on Best Buys website):
bestbuy /site/Toshiba---Satellite-17.3%22-Laptop---8GB-Memory---750GB-Hard-Drive---Prestige-Silver/7543046.p;tab=reviews?id=1218851199437&skuId=7543046#tab=specifications

This laptop looks really nice, and looks very well for overall things, but I know it has a "Mobile Intel HD" graphics card, which I don't like very much. Since the only thing this would mostly affect is things like playing games, how well would this Graphics card play a game like Skyrim? I plan on playing games like Skyrim, fallout, Minecraft, GMOD, TF2, stuff like that, and I want to make sure this can handle it before I blow $800 bucks on it. I like this laptop for its processing capabilities, storage, its price, and whatnot. So, do you think this laptop can handle those games? Also, if you think there is a better laptop to suit these needs (remember, I plan on doing things like video and photo editing too!), than if you could please suggestion and maybe leave a link to, it would be much obliged. Also, try to keep it in the $600-$800ish range, and if you can, try to keep things like the processing, RAM, and whatnot similar to this,because besides the Graphics card, I really think this is an amazing machine! Thanks in advance!

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Default well would a toshiba satellite run a game like skyrim

Hands down its a good computer but the graphics card ruins it because it just sucks if you have to go for a laptop go for one with a 2gb vram video card ( nividia, ati, radeon, maybe amd ) because intel graphis just suck balls and I got a computer just like it and it runs skyrim pretty laggy even when it is on pretty low graphics quality.
Just get a desktop so you can replace parts and such and not be limited to no parts that are upgrade-able like on a laptop! don't get stuck in this hole like I did!
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Default well would a toshiba satellite run a game like skyrim

Well the intel HD4000 graphics are integrated and not really that good for gaming. But they are the latest/best of the intel integrated graphics at this time.
They can easily play all the games you mentioned. But skyrim, being the most demanding will be stuck on low settings, but you can definitely play it.
notebookcheck /Intel-HD-Graphics-4000.69168.0.html

(note "low" on there is measured at 1024x768 resolution. also you can expand each fps to show the hardware, as some of them are with like the i3 n i5 or the dual core i7. and it will also vary on alot of factors).
Id say with 8GB of ddr3-1600 in dual channel memory and a quad core i7, you should be able to play it at 1600x900 resolution at good fps (id about 1920x1080 tho).
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