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Default the best kind of phone to get

lumia 800
amazing build quality it just feels high end and premium in your hand and it's very durable
it's made from a single piece of polycarbonate and it's also made in a way that for example if you buy the cyan version and you scratch or hit it the color after that would stay cyan
the screen is a 3.7" screen with Nokia clear black display so that means colors and text look amazing on it and that also means you can easily see in direct sunlight so you won't have to higher the screen brightness
and it's made in a way that makes everything seem as if it is floating on the screen
the camera is an 8 megapixle camera which takes amazing photos and videos
it has Carl Zeiss optics and it also has the Nokia added features like group shot,panorama shot and burst shot
what group shot allows you to do is to capture the perfect moment so for example if you are taking a photo of 2 people and you blink you will be able to rewind the time till when they were still smiling
the web browser is extremely good and very fast
the phone handles mail in a very good way
you've got a huge number of high quality apps and you also got the Nokia added free exclusive apps like Nokia drive,Nokia maps,Nokia city,Nokia lens,Nokia beta,Nokia music,Nokia creative studio,espn,espn radio,CNN,viber HD. and many more
battery life on the phone is very good and would easily get you through a full day of heavy use on a full charge
the whole os on the phone is amazing and it runs smooth and fast and it's also faster in everyday use than iOS and android
hope I helped :)
tell me if you decided to get it
and if you have any question you can email me at spieleranswers outlook

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