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Default "Atheists are intolerant" says head of BBC Trust Chris Patten

I disagree with him. His opinion is biased, he doesn't understand the continuous intolerance that atheists have to deal with.
Just today I ran into a blogpost which deals exactly with this issue (see sources). A quote from that post:

"Thus we must conclude that it's not the case that atheists are especially rude in what they are saying and doing, but that they are treated as not being entitled to same social privileges and behaviors as Christians. Attacks on atheists for being rude, intolerant, disrespectful, and militant are just part of a long string of attempts to enforce or promote Christian privilege in society."

Also of note is that church attendance, religious adherence and even faith itself is on a steady decline in the UK (and other European countries). That the BBC programming reflects its public is only to be expected.
The religious leaders protests are mostly tries to gain back their influence, which is not likely to happen.
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