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Default Bricked iPhone restarting loop and iTunes intolerant

So, i decided to unlock my brothers iPhone 3GS so I could use it with a different SIM card. iPhone already had been jailbroken but I decided to first completely reset it before unlocking (that's was a bad move)

now, my iPhone is stuck into continuous loop with apple logo on screen. I tried the "home" and "power" button trick, but although it is connected via USB, iPhone doesn't show the iTunes logo. All I can see is empty (or dead) battery image that has to be recharged.

BUT!!! if i try to recharge it, it goes back into continuous loop!

my PC (and iTunes) doesn't recognise iPhone and since I can't put the iPhone into DFU mode, I'm really f***ed.

I searched high and i searched low, but no one has the same problem as I do..

please help.. :(
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