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Default my wifi isn't working on my phone (virgin)

My house has Virgin Media and my phone is also with Virgin.
We have a Superhub and we can all connect to it easily. But for the last 5 or so days the wifi hasn't been working on my phone.
My phone connects to the wifi still and has a strong connection but I can't do anything with it.
On Twitter it says 'cannot refresh feed' on Facebook it says 'Error loading feed' on Instagram it doesn't load anything and on the internet it says web page unavailable.
Even though I'm connected.
The wifi is working fine for everyone else, works fine on my brother's phone and on the Xbox etc.

Here's what I've tried:
- I've tried turning my wifi on my phone on and off plenty of times.
- I've made my phone forget the connection and then put it back in a few times.
- I've simply turned my phone on and off.
- I've turned off the Superhub and back on again.
- I've pushed the reset button on the hub.
- I've turned wifi on and off on the hub.

Nothing's worked so far so someone please help. It's just my phone playing up
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