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Default questions about iphone and imessage

I have an iPhone 4S and I just got it hooked up today with Telus, the man on the phone from Telus told me that I cannot have iMessage on because I do not have a data plan. I decided to just get a texting plan because I have wifi at home and school so I don't really need it at this point in time. I was confused by this because my boyfriend has an iPhone and he always uses iMessage at home on his wifi connection.. I have "Cellular Data" turned off so I don't get charged for data and I have "Send as SMS" on so that if I do get disconnected from my wifi at home or school it will send text messages.

Was that man wrong? Will I be charged if I disconnect from a wifi connection? I just wanna make sure I understand because I've never owned an iPhone before.

Thanks in advance!
The reason I have the data turned off is because I have extra funds on my account that I haven't used yet, I should have mentioned that I have a unlocked iPhone and it's prepaid. I don't have $50 - $100 dollar for a monthly bill with data and all the bells and whistles on a contract so prepaid is easier for me while I'm in school.

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Default questions about iphone and imessage

If you don't have a data plan you wouldn't even need to turn data off.
I'm a little puzzled that a smart phone can be activated on a non data plan. With no data plan your phone would automatically send a message over wifi with iMessage and SMS over cellular.
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