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Default which cell-phone buy

I hav a budget of 13-14K & I am basically lookin for a cell havin gr8 Music quality , Video Quality & Doesn't Hang
Should I go in for the N73 Or a Sony Walkman Series....(The Recent Walkman releases)....Is the N91 better than N73 & how much does it Cost ?
Plz Help....I'll Be very thankful 2 u guys

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Default which cell-phone buy

just go for nokia n73 it is more better than sony erricson
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Default which cell-phone buy

Looked up the Nokia N73 and N91 models. Comparing the N73 with the N91: N73 has an average user rating of 4.58 (out of five) whereas the N91's average user rating is 3.06.
N73 is lighter-weight at 4.09 oz, the N91 weighs in at 5.78 oz.
Both have the same internal antenna; however the N73 is a bar phone, the N91 is a slider model.
The N73 has a considerably better battery life, the talk time is 4.1 hr. Standby: 350 hr(14.6 days). The N91's talk time is 3.5 hr. Standby: 190 hr(7.9 days).
The N73 clearly has a larger display 240 x 320 pixels, the N91's display is 176 x 208 pixels.
N73 has more memory at 42MB, the N91 has only 29MB and both phone's phonebook capacity works on shared memory.
Here is the connectivity directly copied:
N73 N91
Bluetooth Yes Yes
Infrared (IR) Yes -
PC Sync Yes Yes
USB Yes Yes
Wi-Fi - Yes
N73 has 3+ megapixel camera, N91 has 2+ megapixel
About both phones: "This phone is not currently available from any major U.S. carrier. It is compatible with some U.S. networks, and may be available from third-party dealers or smaller, regional carriers."

If you decide to buy either of these, I would suggest looking on eBay. For the N73's "buy this phone" link, I was directed here: phonescoop /phones/shop.php?p=960
For the N91's "buy this phone" link, I was directed here: phonescoop /phones/shop.php?p=739
In addition, I have never owned a Sony Ericsson phone. I have owned several Nokia phones. I have found that most of Nokia's phones are well-built, sturdy phones, easily customized, easy to work with, durable. They do not explode the first time you drop them, as my Siemens model did, by explosion, I simply mean that the phone fell apart, not burst into flames. I would go with either of the Nokia models over the Sony, only because I know that Nokia phones are reliable. Out of the two, I would pick the N73 model. It has better battery life, more memory, better reviews. The better camera is a plus for me as well. N73 also comes with stereo speakers, which has pretty much sold me.
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