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Default I unbrick my Motorola Atrix

I think I bricked my moms phone and now I don't know how to get it back to normal.
Here is what I did:
I rooted my Atrix with SuperOneClick root. I just connected my phone to computer, opened SuperOneClick and clicked root. Everything was fine until then.
Then I put a .zip into the sdcard. I think it was
Then I installed clockwork recovery on my phone so that I can boot my phone into recovery mode.
It all was working fine and then when I got into recovery menu I clicked on "install .zip from sdcard" and I looked for it on the sdcard and I clicked on yes to install and it installed. So I had SteelBlue rom on my phone and it had a smotth interface and it looked cool however... The next day, when my mom was using it, she noticed she couldnt call anyone because it said she didnt have that app installed on the phone. She didnt have the messaging app either. So I decide to fomat the sdcard by going to settings--->privacy--->factory data reset and clicked to reset. It didnt let me because I think it said something about the not finding the sdcard or maybe it was not mounted. I tried several ways to reset it but what messed up the phone was when I booted it to recovery menu and clicked on many things like format phone, erase all data on sdcard, clear cache, and anything else that sounded like formating a phone. Some of them worked and some didnt but when I turned it off and then back on it wouln't load up. It would just stay on the motorola screen. Does this mean its soft bricked or hard bricked?

I also tried downloading RSD Lite and then I downloaded the SBF File "OLYFR_U4_1.8.3_SIGNED_OLPSATTSPE_P013_HWolympus_1g_Service1FF.sbf.7z.zf5ydcp" and plugged in my phone and turned it on while holding the volume keys and it it said starting rsd or something like that. I clicked start on RSD Lite and it said failed.

What do I do?
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Default I unbrick my Motorola Atrix

i am looking for the answer...
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