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Default comparing windows phone and android

Hello! So I'm going to get a smartphone soon.

I decided I want either a Windows Phone or an Android. (For certain reasons, I am not purchasing an iPhone.) Normally, I would just get an Android smartphone, but a certain problem has risen from picking this operating system. Because of how open-source Android is, it is really easy for someone to hack an Android phone and compromise personal information. This is much less likely to happen with a Windows Phone, but the lack of apps is a glaring downside.

Is it a good idea to go for an Android phone and take a risk, or get a Windows Phone to be safe?
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Default comparing windows phone and android

First off, any type of OS is susceptible to hackers. For every OS there are at least 5 hackers working on a way to infiltrate the system. So if you think of it that way, Android/Apple/Windows are all at an equal chance of getting's just a matter of who wants to put time and effort into it. Believe me when I say, having been a Windows user my entire life, it's pretty freakin' easy for people to get into your private stuff. Also consider the fact that if you DO have Windows and then add a Windows Phone plus an Xbox Live account...everything is all in one place = easier for people to hack and literally take EVERYTHING.

Other than that, I really enjoy both of the OSs. Android is open source ALL the way and it's really rewarding to have that many free apps, widgets and customizable features. On the other hand, Android is not a perfect OS. And it never will be. On occasion in the past, I've had multiple Android devices do random things...shut down without reason, restart without reason, randomly text people...ya know most of the devices are prone to (moreso than others) glitches. Fortunately, I have yet to have a problem with my HTC One M8. It's the BEST Android phone I've ever used. I used to have iPhones and I will never be going back to that crap. I am thinking since I have Windows 8.1 on my computer AND tablet of just switching to a WP at the end of my contract sometime in the next couple of years. Although their app store is lacking a bit, there are always people out there who frequently add apps that work the same way. There are a few apps right now that you can run to operate YouTube 3rd party and Instagram.

Point is if you like to fiddle around with your phone and change your wallpaper and your theme frequently and download 3rd party keyboards and stuff, Android is your thing. If you like something simple like a combo between Android and Apple, then WP is your deal. WP is also cheaper for the most part and they definitely have the BEST cameras in the smartphone world...period. If you love taking pictures but don't drag around a digital camera all the time, WP is a great choice. I love that OS.
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Default comparing windows phone and android

i like android better
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