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Default android vs apple

So I have an iPhone 5 running iOS 8 Beta 1 (im not impressed with the new features AT ALL) and I'm very positive im going to get the Samsung Galaxy S5 Prime once it's released. I was wondering if android is basically iOS's version of "jail broken" out of the box. I know customizability is a lot more open on it, but is it bassi ally in a sense jail broken (to Apple's standards) out of the box?

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Default android vs apple

iOS is by far the best design, but get whatever you want, no one on messageboards really care what you get.
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Default android vs apple

Android is based on the Linux operating system which is a complete rewrite of the Unix operating system. iOS is from MacOS X which is based on FreeBSD which is derived from the original Berkely Standard Distribution ( BSD ) which is one of the two major families of Unix operating systems. There are more programmers working on the Linux project so things gets patched sooner but the programmers who work on Linux tend to have their own ideas of how things should be one, for example, the virtual memory management on Linux overbooks the memory to an extreme on the basis that most processes aren't doing anything and therefore aren't really using the memory they ask for, this allows the OS to start a lot more tasks but it also means that it's possible for the OS to completely lock up till a watchdog program kills processes so others can run but it can only do so after a lengthy timeout. The BSD versions were developed when computer memories were just 64k so their memory management goes overboard to make sure important processes can run ( those super conservative algorithms kept the flight computer from crashing during Apollo 11's landing, had it been using Android, they would've got an application not responding message after crashing ). Of course, the Linux solution has been to just add more memory which is why everyone curses those Android phones with only 4GB of builtin memory like the Samsung Ace IIx but are happy with the 16GB phones such as the Nexus 5, well sometimes happy. If you can get to the command line interface, you can change the memory management algorithm to a more traditional and more strict algorithm.

Android is not a jail broken iOS.
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Default android vs apple

You are aware that it is called a beta for a reason right? The features are not functional as yet nor are many apps set to run on it properly. This is why there will be several betas between now & mid-September when it is expected to be launched publicly. So you shouldn't judge iOS 8 because of the 1st beta.
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Default android vs apple

its been a while since i have jailbroken an iOS device...but basically it allows for installing apps from outside of iTunes, and themes and such right?

if this is the case,
android can install outside apps out of the box (just tick a box in the settings and you are good to go)
also, themes are available fairly easy. you need to install a 3rd party launcher (home screen) and then you can apply Icon packs and such easily, and change a bunch of settings to get your home screens just the way you like...that is just about as far as themes go. you can't theme the system when stock (status bar and settings) this is where Rooting come in....this opens up a whole new slew of customization to the OS....pretty much, your imagination is the only cap here...if you are really into is the way to go...and I would suggest the Nexus 5 for ease of rooting....or the LG G3 as its a beast of a phone...and doesn't have samsungs crap on it.
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