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Josh 06-01-2014 08:06 AM

note taking app for android
I'm looking for an amazing note taking app to use for my Samsung Galaxy S3, which is a Android. I have used ColorNote, Springpad, SomNote, Note Everything, Google Keep, and EverNote. They are all good note taking apps, but they do not have everything I need/want in one app.

I need an app that meets these requirements:

1. Ability to take notes
2. Ability to make a checklist
3. Ability to create folders & place notes in folder
4. Ability to change color of folder & note
5. Ability to put pictures inside of notes
6. Ability to change theme of menu
7. Speech to text typing
8. Ability to insert links to websites
9. Ability to name notes and folders

Thank You - Josh

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