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Default Organising a Live-Action Hunger Games - general suggestions please

I am currently in the process of organising a live-action Hunger Games roleplay with some of my friends. This of course means I have to provide a comprehensive but not too complex rulebook, and also do all the administration before the Games begin.
I have currently had to rewrite half the rulebook 3 times, and still it's not perfect; suggestions on rules and also what I can do to improve the general experience of all the players are very welcome.
The rules I have currently basically boil down to these:
~Characters must be created. They are supplied with a name tag.
~Clothing must be simple (jumpers, coats etc must be acquired from Cornucopia)
~Non-contact combat. Since some of us are bringing Nerf guns, no head-shots ever.
~You can only go so long (one game week) without water, which is placed at random points around the 'arena' (a local park). This stops people from hiding in one place for the entire game - they have to come out and get water at some point or they die.
~If you 'die', your 'killer' takes your name tag. The 'dead' Tribute can then kill others, but not win.
~There is a time-out period for lunch. Food cannot be consumed during the course of the Games unless acquired from the Cornucopia.
~Each 'day' in the game lasts for an hour, followed by an hour-long 'night'.

I also have a group text system in place, which means I can text all the other Tributes at once very easily. An alarm will be set on everyone's mobile phones to go off at the end of every game day.

If anyone has any ideas for other necessary regulations, or handy ideas for communication etc, they are very welcome.
P.S. One of my friends suggested colour-coded clothes for each of the Districts. Is this a good idea?
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Default Organising a Live-Action Hunger Games - general suggestions please

1. name tag fine, also include different color cloths for districts
2. provide different weapons in the Corn, thus have every one bring their weapons and spread them out with in the corn area, allowing people to pick multiple weapons. Also provide water and food to be put within the corn.
3. Clothing should not be put within corn, but designated attire required for participants
4. Time limit of one hour between games (allowing time for lunch)- or longer what ever you want it to be.
5. people who are "shot" should be allowed to "heal" thus a max number of hits before they "die"
6. 'dead" tributes should be withdrawn from the game to prevent them killing all other members and a no winner outcome, they could become refs
7. communication via text or alarm, alarm for tribute death (tribute sets off alarm to notify others that they withdraw from game)
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