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Default Question: What is taking up to much space in my phond?!?

Okay. I have the LG Aristo.. 16gb of storage on my phone. Ichad hundreds of pictures and over a hundred songs and got the notification that I was almost out of space. So I moved my pictures somewhere else and deleted a ton of apps. I deleted old text messages and call logs. I deleted the cached data from my phone and browsing history. And still I had no space. So I went to my storage and saw that for some reason I have SIX GBS of system data stored. So I backed up the necessary stuff and factory reset my phone. I have about 10 contacts, 5 extra apps downloaded, and naybe 15 pictures physically on my phone. And my system data is still saying it s 6 gbs... What the hell do I do? I factory reset my phone and downloaded my apps. Is there ANY way to fix this?

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