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Default put music on lg 440g

I just got this phone today and it says in the little booklet (not phone manual, just a generic manual) that you can add music onto the phone with a USB cord and a computer. Well, I have a USB cord that fits, but when I plug it in to my computer, all it does is charge the phone. There's no slot anywhere on the phone for an SD card. Do I need to have a certain cord or download any sort of driver or anything? Any help is appreciated!

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Default put music on lg 440g

As far as I've read the only way you can put music on it is through Bluetooth file transfer. The phone itself is not made to be an mp3 player, it doesn't have a headphones jack or a MicroSD card slot, you will only be able to put a limited amount of songs before you use up all the memory it has.

You can take a look at the user manual img.deviceanywhere //tracfone/pub/7254/docs/UserGuide.pdf

And here is a device tutorial site
tracfone.deviceanywhere /net10/home.seam?custId=NTLG440G&locale=en_US
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