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Default the android equivalent of itunes backing up and restoring

In iTunes it's really easy to back up and restore, like when you get a new phone just backup your old one and click restore from backup on your new one - boom. So easy. How would this go about on an android phone? How do I backup my settings and apps / app data and put them on a new phone?

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Default the android equivalent of itunes backing up and restoring

that depends on the phone....unfortunately, there isn't a one method for all type solution out there (thats the price you pay with open source software)

with samsungs, you can use a program called ODIN to backup/restore...problem is that you have to restore to another samsung phone.

I'm not sure there is a way with HTC.

LG has their own software.

Google/nexus has manual ADB methods...its complicated, but there are "one click" options.

this is one of the main pain points with android...there is not quick and easy way to do this...hopefully they realize this and announce something next week (its there big developer conference, new version of android, and what they are planning and such)

google DOES backup contacts, hangout messages, Wifi settings, and other random settings...but you have to basically back up and restore from the same model phone for everything to come over...they also know what apps were installed last, so when you sign in, it will automatically download the apps from the play store...but only ones that use the google services framework (like 40% of apps) will actually backup/restore to a new phone.

you can look into 3rd party solutions like Helium backup...downnload the app, download the PC software, backup apps and anything else you want, and resture to the new phone....its worth a shot.
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Default the android equivalent of itunes backing up and restoring

google does this automatically, when you set up your new phone log in with your google account and check restore when prompted
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