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Default android - divide app

I would like to find an app that works like Divide.

This makes part of your phone password protected.

Divide does not work with Gmail.

Can anyone suggest a similar app?

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Default android - divide app

Seriously ?

that would seem a major FooBar by the developers
given that Gmail is the default email account for Android and google.

Are you sure it is not just that you need to enable IMAP in your Gmail account ?
(it says syncs with Google Apps)

if it really will not work with gmail,
i would be emailing their support very fast to ask why not
and commenting (in the app - eg when uninstalling) that it fails - and you are amazed and suprised (as above)

reading the desfription, I am just puzzled and dissapointed that it only copes with one email account. That also is daft, as it is supposed to be seperating your work and personal mails, and I know many people have more than one personal email. (one for shop and sales /webapges and one for friends to communicate with) - not forgeting that you would have a work email also !
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