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Default samsung galaxy nexus keeps rebooting itself

So I've had this phone for a little over a year(about December 2012) and I have never once had a problem with it. This morning I turned it on, it was fine, I was doing my normal thing, texting, facebook, then all of a sudden, it just restarts. So it restarted and I tried to open my messaging again, nope, phone restarts. I have no idea why. I've taken really good care of this phone, never dropped it, and has an otterbox. So after it restarted, I tried to open another app, it was working for about 10 minutes, then it turned off again. I decided to leave it, I plugged it in, and left it. So after about 30 minutes of charging, I picked up the phone, and I didn't even put in my code, and it restarted. I've taken out the battery, put in another battery, and I'm pretty convinced its the phone itself.
I'm wondering if this has happened to anyone else with the Nexus phone? I was also wondering if you know how much it is to cancel a contract early from Fido?

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