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Default can someone help me restore my 5th gen. ipod touch

Sorry for the bad photo quality. So, hope you don't mind reading my long story of how this happened. I was updating to iOS 7.1.1 and I was listening to music at the same time. After I hit "update" it said "verifying update". After 5 minutes it was still like that on the screen so I decided to hit the sleep button thing at the top and just listen to music and wait. I turned my ipod back on after a few minutes and the "verifying update" sign thing was on the lock screen on top of the song album. i was like wtf so i powered it off. i turned my ipod back on and this popped up. Just to let you know, I have two laptops. A Chromebook and a Dell laptop with windows 7 on it. Obviously iTunes is only supported with Mac and Windows. So i cant have itunes on my chromebook. My dell laptop is like a piece of trash now. The hard-drive has crashed once and my dad fixed it awhile ago but the computer is still shitty. It's slow and any application I'm on, it always crashes so I preferred to not use iTunes on there. I gave it a shot so I connected my ipod to itunes, then it said something about my ipod being in recovery mode and i have to restore my ipod in order to use itunes. i clicked restored like a billion times today and my ipod is still the same way. someone please please please give me the best solution of how i can fix this. im only thirteen omf lol so good answers would be great. thanks.

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