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Default Android phones in Canada

Here's the thing.. about half a year ago my sister got a new phone so she gave me her boost mobile samsund galaxy prevail. After having this I realized I wont really use a phone right now and there's no way I Wana pay 50$ a month for something I won't use. So since then I've only used the phone for things I can do with Wi-Fi, which is basically EVERYTHING but call and text.

So my friend that lives in Canada wants to get an iPod touch.. but I'm thinking she'd be better off geting an Android smartphone like me. But is it possible for HER to do what I do with my phone? Meaning.. can she simply buy the phone without ever setting up a plan. But it has to be an Android smartphone.

I mean.. Android phones seem better then an iPod touch, I believe they're more flexible (aka I hate iTunes). But I'm not going to lie, my little phone does have issues sometimes. But there are MUCH better android phones out there.

Thanks in advance.
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Default Android phones in Canada

Yes it is possible to buy a phone without a plan.
Although, if she's not gonna activate the phone, you are better off with an iPod touch. It is a iPhone without calling or 3G. Yes there is texting that Apple does, called iMessage, a free app that lets anyone with an apple device that uses iMessage (iPad, iPod touch, iPhone) text anyone with an apple device. There is also a wide range of free apps on the app store like TextPlus that I've certified safe. In TextPlus, they give you a free phone number, that anyone can put in their phone and you can now text ANYONE, ANYWHERE! I had a friend who moved to england and we still communitcated via TextPlus and iMessage.
But if your still set on her getting an andriod, yes you can buy the phone, deactivated, without a sim card (although you do need a sim card to actually make the phone work and turn on) without a plan for the full cost, which will be much, much expensiver than an iPod touch or the same phone on a 2 or 3 year plan
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