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  1. Sony xperia z problems?
  2. Iphone contract help!!!!?
  3. Why did I lose my iPhone 4 wifi hot spot when I switched from Vodafone plan to Optus prepaid ??? :(?
  4. why doesn't my Vodafone pay n go sim work any more?
  5. Vodafone contract ending! help?
  6. Buying out a contract help?
  7. What smartphone should I get?
  8. Will I have to dial +44 if I'm contacting another UK roaming mobile?
  9. Why my phone browser is not working ?
  10. Is there a way My iPhone 5c can be fixed of bad esn?
  11. simcard will NOT activate?!?
  12. Can prepaid iPhone 4S have personal hotspot?
  13. if i reset my iphone to factory setting will it be unlocked again?
  14. What phone should i get?
  15. Can I move my iPhone contract onto a new iPhone without buying the headset?
  16. How do i factory reset a vodafone 445?
  17. How can I send SMS messages from my computer, via my Vodafone UK phone?
  18. What is a good smarphone what costs less than £100?
  19. How long does it take a vodafone text freebee to activate?
  20. My china phone has invalid an IMEI code?
  21. Vodafone smart mini help?
  22. Can someone help me?
  23. Samsung galaxy no service and saying not registered all the time ?
  24. How good is GiffGaff?
  25. Who has done a SWOT for vodafone?
  26. Is location service on iphone free.?
  27. Do you pay to upgrade your phone on Vodafone early?
  28. My apple iphone is being really slow?
  29. How much does a mb of data cost when not on a contract with data on it?
  30. Do I need to get my Android fixed?
  31. just lost my texts and now i cant send texts?
  32. Should i have given vodafone my debit card details?
  33. Does using iPhone emoji in a text message count as an MMS?
  34. Can vodafone or my parents ready my texts?
  35. 1gb of mobile data used by portable hotspot and tethering?
  36. Issue with my phone...?
  37. Can anyone give me advice on my phone contract issue?
  38. iphone 5 wont charge?
  39. can anyone help with me with my phone contract issue?
  40. Is this fair of Vodafone?
  41. is there vodafone cdma and airtel cdma in delhi?
  42. Can I cancel my phone contract?
  43. Which phone to get?
  44. next tether policy: 10 (unlock) help?
  45. Does anyone here can factory unlock my iphone 4 for free? Pleaseeee :)?
  46. I want to change my phone tarrif from vodafone to O2 HELP !?
  47. How do you find out the number of the last caller on an 02 mobile phone?
  48. help needed in viber contacts?
  49. Will a Iphone 5S Blacklisted in Canada Work If You Use a Vodafone Sim Card?
  50. How do i set up my new sim card?
  51. second hand iphone?
  52. Can I use a $29 Vodaphone Cap on a preowned phone?
  53. My phone keeps losing memory space?
  54. Answer this please?! My samsung galaxy note 1 3G data doesn't work and I can't send or receive txts.?
  55. I can't find a Vodafone 858 (Huawei U8160) Stock ROM?
  56. If I get a Vodafone Freebee for £10, do I get £10 worth of credit also?
  57. I'm buying the HTC One from Phones 4 U for £300 on PAYG (bartered from £350) and which tariff should I partner with?
  58. help, it says i owe vodafone £7.10 when i have only gone over the data by 2mb?
  59. how much does it cost to make a t-mobile to t-mobile call in the uk?
  60. Vodafone overpricing?
  61. My iPhone 5s activation?
  62. which is the best Indian mobile company?
  63. how would it be a at&t/verizon/vodafone commercial, if it was honest?
  64. If you have unlimited texts, can you text other countries free?
  65. Where is the difference between samsung galaxy tab pro 8.4 wi-fi only and wi-fi/3g/lte version?
  66. Which phone should I buy?
  67. Phones4U illegally cut my SIM card in-store, what can I do?
  68. Cool non smartphones?
  69. Vodafone Promo codes?
  70. Flashed Samsung Galaxy Ace 2 and now I have no service?
  71. Galaxy S2 i9100 Charging port replaced but problem with network now?
  72. is thire anywhere i can get an cheap iphone on pay as you go on vodafone so i can use facetime to talk to my familys?
  73. Can i use a Vodafone(UK) cell phone on Tmobile Network(USA)?
  74. unable to send messages from nokia C1 01?
  75. What is core balance in vodafone..?
  76. What phone would be best to get on a vodafone contract?
  77. forgot my vodafone pin?
  78. Vodafone offered me to upgrade to a new phone for free if i go with a new plan?
  79. Vodafone 875 mini?
  80. Virgin Mobile Australia OR Vodafone Australia?
  81. i cannot activate 3g in my vodafone sim? I sent ACT 3g to 144 but they reply saying it is a wrong keyword?
  82. US phone in the UK?
  83. please I need help with vodafone sim cards!?
  84. Cant turn on data on Samsung Galaxy Discover :s?
  85. Can I somehow swap my 16gb iPhone 5s for a 32gb?
  86. Can parents see pictures/texts that I've sent/recieved online?
  87. Took Out A Contract For One Off My Family?
  88. I Have Unlocked My Dongle Now I Want To Use Free Internet In PC?
  89. PLEASE HELP!! Can I keep my phone number if my Pay As You Go mobile is lost? (UK VodaFone)?
  90. how can check my vodafone dongle nuber?
  91. Vodafone vs Airtel vs Idea vs BSNL ?
  92. What's my Smart Mini's SIM ME code?
  93. Can I use Giffgaff on my Vodafone phone?
  95. phone call disconnects after 2 hours automatically?
  96. How to unlock iPhone 5c-should I restore it or just simply insert a sim?
  97. Is the moto g (unlocked) compatible with vodafone ireland?
  98. I need an iPhone 5s deal with these specs - help?
  99. Why is my mobile 3g+ is extremely slow even though it says I have full signal. Can Vodafone slow the speed?
  100. How good is vodafone network??? please help!!?
  101. I need help with info about phone upgrading!?
  102. Why cant i send text messages?
  103. Does anyone know how much it'd cost to cancel my vodafone contract?
  104. How exactly does this vodafone pocket wifi work ?
  105. Faullty phone. Can I ask for a discount on my next bill?
  106. vodafone have left me with no signal for a month?
  107. Samsung Galaxy S4 silver bezel repair?
  108. Where can you buy galaxy express 2 ?
  109. "No service" on iPhone 4.Help!!?
  110. The vodafone shop has made a big cock up?
  111. Can I change my Vodafone Contract plan?
  112. Help! iPhone for birthday?
  113. Nokia Lumia 520 Asking for Pin Code to Unlock?
  114. Where can I buy smartphones in London?
  115. Will my phone get the Upgrade? Honest Answers 10 points?
  117. samasung galaxy s3 guarante?
  118. why have vodafone text me a full stop?
  119. my cellar won't work on iPhone 4s (Vodafone)?
  120. Smartphones under 100$ (iPod touch use in a way)?
  121. With Vodafone, can I change my phone number but keep the same SIM?
  122. Why is Vodafone such a sh*t?
  123. BBM Not Activating (VODAFONE)?
  124. What smartphone should I get 2014?
  125. HELP ME!!!! my contract ends in a couple of months but I don't know what phone to get.?
  126. Unlocking a Telstra htc phone?
  127. Will my imei be blocked by Vodafone UK if I can't pay my bill or just the sim card?
  128. My mobile data network keeps switching from 3G to H+. Data transfer works only in H+. Is this normal?
  129. why do my message come late on my iPhone 5?
  130. Unpaid Mobile Phone Bill over 5 Years?
  131. Help about phone contracts?
  132. Which sim card is better for 2G/3G surfing browsing downloading and video chat between Vodafone and Docomo ?
  133. should i go with Telstra or Vodafone?
  134. if anyone else is on vodofone then can you please answer this question?
  135. Need Help ASAP! Please Read (10 points best answer)?
  136. iPhone 4S Plan to prepaid?
  137. I keep getting calls from vodafone....?
  138. How do I find out when my mobile contract ends?
  139. Upgrading early on vodafone?
  140. How do I use my data?
  141. Please explain phone plans?
  142. does anyone know how to save text messages in a vodafone smart mini?
  143. how can I change my number?
  144. how to unlock my nokia lumia 800 from vodafone ireland for free?
  145. iphone5 can I put my sim in it straight away.?
  146. Does vodafone send confirmation of text delivery?
  147. does anyone know how ,on my vodafone smart mini phone, i can hear incoming texts but when i open the text ,the?
  148. Will the websites ive used show up on my phone bill?
  149. Data Issues with Vodafone?
  150. Mobile phone insurance Vodafone?
  151. is there any way to increase volume on Vodafone smart mini phone for incoming texts?
  152. I have upgraded my orange contract to EE, does this automatically cancel the orange contract ?
  153. Can I use a Vodafone UK SIM card in a locked Vodafone Australia phone?
  154. What is the number for Vodafone Cherry Points in Ireland?
  155. will i be pursued for a phone bill after i have used my pac code?
  156. How to deactivate vodafone 2G plan in india?
  157. Verizon Wireless Global SIM?
  158. Vodafone uk internet settings?
  159. Giffgaff sim now not working in my Iphone 4s, need help!!!?
  160. Can somebody please explain this text I received from vodafone?
  161. how do i know if my iphone has been unlocked?
  162. Can't get 4g to work on my iphone 5c?
  163. Can't update settings on brand new iphone 5c?
  164. Orange upgrade charge!?
  165. Why does my mobile's network and 3G network keep fluctuating? Is it phone issue or network operator issue?
  166. Can I use Vodafone cherry points to pay my monthly deal?
  167. can you buy an iphone prepaid on vodafone?
  168. Unlocked phone question - 10 points, I will give best answer.?
  169. If a phone comes unlocked / SIM-free...? Please answer - 10 points?
  170. i have a nokia lumia 520 on 02 contract?
  171. Can I unlock an iphone 5S from cex?
  172. Repairs on iPhone 4s?
  173. Phone upgrade with Vodafone?
  174. Phone upgrade with Vodafone?
  175. Vodafone is unable to add my £10 Freedom FreeBee?
  176. Vodafone PAYG Credit Line is not stating my calling credit when I call?
  177. Switching sim cards, iPhone help!?
  178. mobile problem. need help.?
  179. lost my mobile network ( vodafone)?
  180. iPhone 5s Nano sim activation..?
  181. Is it free to use WiFi abroad - not using the phone for any other reason, still on English sim card?
  182. phone unlocking ?????????
  183. Can i do this?.. If yes then how?
  184. What is the code to unlock a Nokia 6220 Classic as it is out of contract with Vodafone?
  185. Cheap Internet Providers?
  186. Does my friend get charged for receiving my texts abroad? Both UK Networks?
  187. how do you divert text messages to another number on vodafone?
  188. can I use a pay as you go sim on a contract phone?
  189. Vodafone or o2 which is better overall?
  190. Which is better overall Vodafone or o2?
  191. How To Factory Unlock My iPhone?
  192. Help getting my sim pin code.?
  193. changing network, keeping number? sim card question?
  194. EE or Vodafone UK - Which is better network?
  195. Can I use vodafone on a verizon phone?
  196. From Egypt I can not call Cuba sometimes! Why?
  197. Can Vodafone block my phone if I don't pay my Bill and put a different SIM card in?
  198. iPhone 5S no service?
  199. What is the difference between pay as you go and sim free and which is cheaper?
  200. Do you need wifi and a 3G connection to use an iPad?
  201. IPad mini contracts...?
  202. How to root Alcatel V860/Vodafone Smart II ?
  203. Nokia Lumia 520, LG optimus L5 o Vodafone smart 3 ?
  204. vodafone mobil number?
  205. How do I transfer my number from a standard SIM to a NanoSIM?
  206. Nokia lumia 1520 on 4g ee?
  207. How do I get 3G on my iphone 4?
  208. EE or Vodaphone UK. which one?
  209. Who has the best PAYG deal for a Nokia Lumia 520?
  210. I have vodafone sim can it go in sim free phone wish to continue pay as you go?
  211. My iPhone won't receive texts?
  212. Where can i easily get The mep 2 code for blackberry bold 9700 which i bought from vodafone of united kingdom?
  213. Easy Unlocking tutorial of blackberry storm 9520.. belongs to United kingdom`s vodafone?
  214. Why Is Vodafone not working right now?
  215. Vodafone internet problems?
  216. Do vodafone uk locked phones work with Vodafone spain sim cards?
  217. will an unlocked sim free vodafone device accept an israeli sim card?
  218. StraightTalk- VodaFone858?
  219. Network unlock codes HELP?!?
  220. When changing phone network, how do I make sure I can send multimedia/picture messages with the new contract?
  221. When changing phone network, how do I make sure I can send multimedia/picture messages with the new contract?
  222. How much could I sell this iPhone 4 for?
  223. why are vodafone charging me £1 per message instead of £1 for 7 as agreed?
  224. Vodafone have barred my imei number for no reason are they breaching contract?
  225. How to buy a vodafone sim online I am in kolkata?
  226. Htc desire hd any good compared to new cheap android phones (-£100)?
  227. I can'tsign into my eails through my phone?
  228. I upgraded my vodafone contract to 4g and need help?
  229. Why won't my vodafone smart tab II charge properly?
  230. Tesco Mobile, how good are they? What is there customer service like? I was with Vodafone, got fed up with.?
  231. How can I retract a positive feedback that I left for someone on eBay?
  232. What's the best Android phone I can buy for £250?
  233. Unlocking a iPhone 4S from Telstra?
  234. if i buy a iphone from telstra can i go on a vodafone plan?
  235. Nexus 5 contract info?
  236. How long does it take for the order to get here?
  237. if i buy a phone from Testra can i go on a vodafone plan?
  238. Still haven't recieved refund from Vodafone?
  239. Why is it failing when i try send picture message on my nokia asha phone?
  240. If I buy this mobile from Vodaphone PAYG?
  241. Where can I get a charger or usb cable for a Samsung u700v Vodafone?
  242. Upgrading phone contract makes the contract cheaper?
  243. Why can't I add new APNs on my S3?
  244. Can I get my iPhone replaced by the Apple warranty?
  245. Is my mobile deal worth it?
  246. 3G won't work on Nokia lumia 510?
  247. what is the best smart phone?
  248. Is the mobile offer worth it?
  249. If I don't like a phone that I have on a contract, is there any way I can change the phone on the contract?