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  1. The next challenge for facial recognition is identifying people whose faces are cover
  2. Destiny 2’s Japanese live-action dance trailer perfectly captures the game’s spirit
  3. American Horror Story: Cult takes drunken aim at the ‘politics of fear’
  4. Kill Me Please is a dazzling teen nightmare, and the first great horror film of fall
  5. Beats keeps using cables that aren’t supported by Apple’s new computers
  6. Twin Peaks: The Return created a new kind of escapist TV
  7. Samsung Galaxy Note 8 review: one for the fans
  8. I played 20 hours of Destiny 2 and it’s everything fans have been asking for
  9. Netflix’s Little Evil puts a new comic spin on the evil-kid trope
  10. Life is Strange: Before the Storm is fan service at its finest
  11. 16 science fiction and fantasy books to read this September
  12. A new Star Wars novel traces the mysterious origins of Captain Phasma
  13. Amazon Alexa is coming to the Bragi Dash
  14. Xiaomi's bezel-free Mi Mix 2 is coming on September 11th
  15. Nest promises ‘big announcement’ at September 20th event
  16. The SanDisk iXpand Base is an iPhone charger that also backs up your phone
  17. Sony's new wireless earbuds include noise cancellation technology
  18. AI trained on Yelp data writes fake restaurant reviews ‘indistinguishable’ from real
  19. Sony’s Xperia XZ1 and XZ1 Compact have refreshed designs and Android Oreo
  20. 7 anime series that are easier to adapt than Death Note or Ghost in the Shell
  21. Lomography is making an instant camera that uses square Instax film
  22. Mario + Rabbids is a shockingly good Nintendo Switch strategy game
  23. Boosted gets a new CEO as the company tries to grow beyond electric skateboards
  24. Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi on Super Mario Odyssey and the future of the Switch
  25. Asus ZenFone AR review (video)
  26. A stuffed bunny phone case seems like a good idea, but it’s not very practical
  27. Mother Go is an audio-first novel that harkens back to the golden-age of sci-fi
  28. Subsurface Circular is a good robot mystery game — but it could have been great
  29. Following Wonder Woman, not Marvel, is the key to DC’s cinematic survival
  30. Asus ROG Zephyrus review: great at gaming, but not much else
  31. Nintendo’s Yoshiaki Koizumi on Super Mario Odyssey and the future of the Switch
  32. RHA’s new earphones look great and have 12-hour battery life
  33. Audio-Technica’s new flagship headphones come in a luxury case and cost $1,999
  34. Bushwick’s co-directors discuss bringing war to Brooklyn during a summer of American
  35. Bushwick review: the debate over punching Nazis takes on extra weight in this timely
  36. Amazon’s new algorithm designs clothing by analyzing a bunch of pictures
  37. LG’s 4K Blu-ray player supports Dolby Vision for better HDR
  38. Inside an investigation into Exxon Mobil’s climate change misinformation
  39. Librem 13 laptop review: physical security for the paranoid
  40. Martin Scorsese is reportedly working on a Joker origin story movie
  41. What’s that weird speck in my eclipse photo?
  42. Samsung’s Bixby is now available in more than 200 countries including the UK and Cana
  43. Intel has a mysterious black Surface Book in its new processor video
  44. Android Oreo officially arrives, but it isn't on phones just yet
  45. Asus’ ZenFone AR is both futuristic and behind the curve
  46. Tommy Wirkola on directing Netflix’s latest dystopia thriller
  47. What Happened to Monday is a familiar gimmick in a sci-fi story we’ve seen before
  48. Google adds autoplaying videos to search results on Android
  49. The Defenders is a blueprint on how to make Iron Fist suck less
  50. TCL has canceled the 50- and 65-inch models of its amazing budget 4K TV
  51. Google starts counting down to Android O with a new eclipse-themed teaser
  52. Hear the Essential Phone review on this week’s Vergecast
  53. Essential Phone review
  54. Sprint's BlackBerry KeyOne will stop reinstalling its bloatware
  55. The LG V30 has me more excited than the new iPhone
  56. N.K. Jemisin’s Broken Earth trilogy is a triumphant achievement in fantasy literature
  57. YouTube TV is rapidly expanding its reach
  58. Skype’s new mobile design arrives on the desktop for Windows 10 testers
  59. Watch the final trailer for Netflix’s The Defenders
  60. Nintendo’s colorful Splatoon 2 Switch bundle is exclusive to Walmart
  61. LG’s V30 looks a little bit awesome
  62. Microsoft's biggest Xbox One X launch title is delayed until 2018
  63. Uncharted: The Lost Legacy review: who needs Nathan Drake?
  64. Spotify pulls several ‘hate bands’ from its service
  65. How HBO’s Westworld installation made fans ‘the center of the universe’
  66. The Defenders amplifies Marvel’s Netflix ideology, warts and all
  67. Baby Driver is better when it stars the Snapchat hot dog
  68. The Big Sick is a culturally specific story that’s relatable to other cultures
  69. Razer's new Atheris wireless mouse gets 350 hours of battery life
  70. Apple changed the Maps icon to show its new spaceship campus
  71. Sonic Mania review: the return to form you’ve been waiting for
  72. I just caught Mewtwo at Japan's Pokémon Go Stadium
  73. My favorite game has been invaded by killer AI bots and Elon Musk hype
  74. Stay up to date with the next big astronomical events with a new digital calendar
  75. Google's Pixel camera software has been made to work on other recent Android phones
  76. Everything we learned about The Last Jedi from EW's feature story
  77. Razer Lancehead gaming mouse review
  78. The latest no-frills Roku TVs start at $250
  79. HTC is rolling out 60 fps video to the U11 sometime in the ‘next couple of months’
  80. Microsoft’s new Outlook.com design includes better search and more GIFs
  81. The OnePlus 5 is now available in gold
  82. Google adds Home to its Preview Program for early access to upcoming features
  83. Samsung will reportedly introduce an in-display fingerprint reader with the Galaxy No
  84. Razer’s LED light strips will let you add Chroma-synced lighting to your desktop PC
  85. VR’s answer to relaxation? Meditation experiences
  86. Bose accidentally reveals unreleased headphones in email newsletter
  87. Google's next Pixel might look a lot like the old one
  88. This year’s best-value earphones are the $45 Final E2000
  89. Ex Machina director Alex Garland’s next film will hit theaters on February 23rd
  90. Telltale’s Batman game will continue to make big changes in season 2
  91. Asus’ ZenFone AR is now available unlocked in the US
  92. You, a corporate executive, deserve a fancy smart flip phone
  93. New algorithm lets photographers change the depth of images virtually
  94. LG confirms switch to OLED for upcoming V30 phone
  95. The Dark Tower review: a film working against itself on every level
  96. Asus reveals the ZenFone AR will cost $648, and you can preorder it now at Verizon
  97. Microsoft’s Eye Control for Windows 10 is now available for testers
  98. Dozens of cases dropped after body cams allegedly show Baltimore cops planting eviden
  99. In the Japanese film Happiness, a technological fix for sadness just makes life worse
  100. Human embryos edited for first time in the US using CRISPR
  101. Tacoma is a tense and beautiful sci-fi story about adversity and AI
  102. Fender FXA9 review: technology without soul
  103. Apple hints at least one new iPhone is coming this September
  104. Apple returns to growth as cheaper iPads boost sales
  105. Outline of LG's V30 phone leaks, confirming sliding second display concept is dead
  106. Leaked Galaxy Note 8 photos show dual cameras and rear fingerprint sensor
  107. Beyerdynamic Xelento review: $999 tech jewelry
  108. Asus ZenWatch 3 review: basic is as basic does
  109. The US Navy 3D printed a concept submersible in four weeks
  110. The LG V30 will reportedly go on sale on September 15th in South Korea
  111. Rare discounts on the new iPad Pro, the best deal on the Samsung Galaxy S8, and more
  112. New trailers: George Clooney directs a Coen brothers film, Jon Hamm is an AI, and mor
  113. FDA's plans for low nicotine cigarettes could drive more people to vape
  114. The Emoji Movie is so bad, it made us yell at strangers on the street
  115. This week we said goodbye to the iPod nano, Adobe Flash, and Microsoft Paint
  116. Final Fantasy XV’s ultra luxurious Regalia car is coming to Forza Horizon 3
  117. Windows 10's Photos app is getting smarter image search just like Google Photos
  118. Fiio’s F5 earphones outperform their $65 price tag
  119. Nokia 6 review: budget phone, budget experience
  120. Apple CarPlay is coming to select Mini and Aston Martin models
  121. Brigsby Bear is the warmest, sweetest movie about creativity since Be Kind Rewind
  122. Before Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets was an outrageous movie, it was an
  123. Airbnb will now let users leave reviews even if they don’t complete their entire stay
  124. Porsche Design Book One review: a laptop that needs a pit stop
  125. Wolfenstein II wants to laugh at the present without commenting on it
  126. Microsoft will now pay up to $250,000 for Windows 10 security bugs
  127. Meizu announces its new dual-screen Pro 7 and Pro 7 Plus smartphones
  128. Valerian is the ultimate argument in favor of CGI
  129. Marvel editor hopes upcoming Thrawn comic book series is just the beginning
  130. An Inconvenient Sequel is a superhero movie about a sad Al Gore
  131. Fujifilm X-T20 review: love, rekindled
  132. How Lost Sphear continues the surprise revival of classic Japanese RPGs
  133. Some Android O apps will display incoming emoji, even if your device doesn't support
  134. South Korean action film Fabricated City is perfect for Inception fans
  135. Bragi Dash Pro review: more money, fewer problems
  136. I went to Pokémon Go Fest, and it was a disaster
  137. Atomic Blonde cements Charlize Theron as an action star
  138. AT&T–Time Warner merger reportedly moving forward at Justice Department
  139. The Porsche Design Huawei Watch is a beautiful, useless device
  140. Google is removing ‘OK, Google’ voice search from Chromebooks
  141. Does Google think octopus is a dessert?
  142. Our favorite moments from San Diego Comic-Con 2017
  143. Editor's Choice: These are a few of our favorite things
  144. Huawei MateBook X laptop review: more beautiful than useful
  145. Dwayne 'The Rock' Johnson just announced a new movie co-starring Siri
  146. I'm concerned about the dirt on my rip-off Supreme phone case
  147. Blade Runner in VR is cool, but Blade Runner in real life is cooler
  148. Iron Fist renewed for a second season on Netflix
  149. Samsung may be making its own AirPod competitor, powered by Bixby
  150. Andy Weir on his follow-up to The Martian, and using realistic science in fiction
  151. The LG Q8 is a smaller version of last year’s V20, with water resistance
  152. Director Luc Besson on designing his wild space opera Valerian, and why he’s tired of
  153. The New Nintendo 2DS XL is great if you don't want 3D
  154. Xbox One self-published indie games start appearing in the store
  155. Google introduces the feed, a personalized stream of news on iOS and Android
  156. Nintendo's Switch Online smartphone app is now available
  157. Nintendo’s excellent shooter Splatoon is even better on the Switch
  158. The best OnePlus product this year is the Travel Backpack
  159. Watch the first trailer for The Disaster Artist, the movie about The Room
  160. The Game of Game of Thrones: season 7, episode 1, Dragonstone
  161. The Twilight Zone is being adapted into a stage play
  162. Ashley Madison’s parent company has proposed a settlement with users exposed in data
  163. The Strange Case of the Alchemist’s Daughter is the monster mashup we need
  164. CanJam is the event where headphone geeks come to meet their heroes
  165. California is facing a major battle over internet privacy
  166. Void Star is a beautiful novel about connections in our cybernetic future
  167. Spider-Man: Homecoming’s VFX lead unpacks the secrets of the Staten Island Ferry scen
  168. YouTube thumbnails now look like GIFs
  169. A Ghost Story director David Lowery on how technology fixed his lonely ghost
  170. How Landline’s creators built a family drama around pay phones, floppy disks, and an
  171. Oculus Rift and Touch bundle will be $499 after $399 summer sale ends
  172. BlackBerry KeyOne launches on Sprint, the eternal harbor of innovation
  173. Jabra's upgraded wireless earbuds prioritize battery life
  174. The Last Good Man is a fast-paced sci-fi thriller about our horrifying future of warf
  175. Watch the music video for an NYC punk band’s Arya Stark tribute
  176. How to make the most out of Windows 10 S
  177. Spider-Man’s high school’s resemblance to a certain NYC STEM school is uncanny
  178. Legion is bringing a mixed reality HoloLens experience to San Diego Comic-Con
  179. Leica’s new TL2 is a much improved mirrorless camera
  180. Microsoft 365 bundles Office and Windows together for businesses
  181. Waterfield Finn Access wallet review: RFID shielding FTW
  182. Panono is another example of a successful crowdfunding campaign completely falling ap
  183. Alejandro Iñárritu’s Carne y Arena proves that great virtual reality means going beyo
  184. Google Calendar gets an iOS widget, nearly three years after widgets launched
  185. Netflix’s Castlevania isn’t a perfect video game adaptation, but it’s on the right tr
  186. The Game of Game of Thrones: season 7 preview and a dwindling draft pool
  187. Look! The Echo Look, a phone by RED, and toothpaste pods
  188. A Ghost Story has it all: romance, metaphysics, and Rooney Mara eating pie for five m
  189. This E Ink iPhone 7 Plus case works better in theory than practice
  190. Pro-Trump Twitter bots were also used to target Macron, research shows
  191. RED is making a $1,200 smartphone with a ‘holographic display’
  192. Amazon’s Echo Look does more for Amazon than it does for your style
  193. Bixby reportedly delayed in the US due to lack of data
  194. Samsung is making a smart speaker with Bixby, says WSJ
  195. Shure’s SE535 earphones are a little bit perfect
  196. Best tech sales of the July Fourth weekend: HP laptops, Apple Watch Series 2, and mor
  197. LG might be working on a mini G6
  198. Wonder Woman reigns supreme as the DCEU’s highest-earning US film
  199. In this harrowing exclusive clip from 2:22, precognition and air travel don’t mix wel
  200. The iPhone turns 10 and Petya is on the loose
  201. HTC’s unlocked U11 phone is $50 off until July 1st
  202. Apple macOS High Sierra preview: the biggest Mac update you’ll never see
  203. The macOS High Sierra public beta is now available
  204. OnePlus says ‘jelly’ scrolling effect on OnePlus 5 is normal
  205. The Game of Game of Thrones is back: draft your swordsmen and monsters now
  206. Here’s what the Echo Show's innards look like
  207. Spider-Man: Homecoming review: a celebration of smallness that makes the stakes perso
  208. Uber was warned about driver’s violent past before he raped a passenger, new lawsuit
  209. Final Fantasy XV’s mobile strategy spinoff launches today
  210. Final Fantasy XV’s new episode is like a brief, thrilling action movie
  211. The iPhone changed the way we communicate with our parents
  212. Nest’s new home camera is an interesting toy
  213. Eero (2nd-gen) review: better looks and even better performance
  214. Electric Objects shutters digital art display business and sells app to Giphy
  215. 8 tips for being productive on the iPad with iOS 10
  216. The OnePlus 5 is now available for everyone else
  217. Fiverr launches ‘Pro’ tier for handpicked freelancers
  218. Watch the first teaser for dark sci-fi adventure game Somerville
  219. Now there's a Bluetooth fidget spinner so you can keep track of all your sick combos
  220. Amazon Echo Show vs. Apple iPad: which is the better kitchen computer?
  221. Anki’s Cozmo robot now has a visual programming mode to teach kids to code
  222. ScreenDrive: Mini Cooper S Countryman is the ultimate ‘90s gadget
  223. Pretend to be a Phantom Thief with this Persona 5 messaging app
  224. Game of Thrones is a wildly unpredictable show with very predictable fans
  225. All Systems Red chronicles the life of a robot that calls itself Murderbot
  226. The ending of the new Transformers movie is, at the very least, consistent
  227. Big discounts on the Samsung Galaxy S8, Steam summer sale, and more tech deals
  228. Microsoft confirms some Windows 10 source code has leaked
  229. HTC’s next Edge Sense features for the U11 still seem very gimmicky
  230. Leaked photos of the Tesla Model 3 ignite an internet power struggle
  231. Old-school Mystery Science Theater 3000 is returning for six days with a Twitch marat
  232. Test-riding the (2017) VanMoof Electrified S
  233. Microsoft’s Whiteboard app leaks, shows the future of Windows 10 stylus support
  234. Chicago’s new Apple store has a giant MacBook for a roof
  235. Scammers selling fake cures for Parkinson's and Alzheimer's are getting away with it
  236. The Big Sick is a hilarious, tearjerking rom-com starring Kumail Nanjiani
  237. A guide for buying one of Microsoft’s excellent Surface computers
  238. First look at Samsung’s Bixby Voice preview for Galaxy S8
  239. Are you forgetful? That's just your brain erasing useless memories
  240. HBO is in talks for a Watchmen TV series with Lost co-creator Damon Lindelof
  241. Transformers: The Last Knight review: a gorgeous summer blockbuster with no soul
  242. An ode to the best part of Joel Schumacher’s Batman & Robin: the nipples
  243. Creating Hidden Folks’ massive new factory level
  244. iPad Pro 12.9 review: a great iPad, one I won’t buy
  245. 4K is the wrong target for Xbox One X and PS4 Pro
  246. Google's new job search pulls in listings from all the top sites
  247. HTC is counting down toward releasing a red U11 in the US on June 20th
  248. ScreenDrive: Tesla Model S is the epitome of a tablet on wheels
  249. LG finally makes a G6 that doesn’t skimp on features
  250. The Boy On The Bridge has a serious prequel problem