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  1. Why isn't my cricket phones 4G LTE working properly; and does this have something to do with the symbol turning from blue to gray?
  2. How much more is a smartphone?
  3. How come my phone wont let me record videos on snapchat?
  4. What's the cheapest phone service I can get in my situation?
  5. can a tracfone be flashed to cricket?
  6. Explain the process of switching from CDMA Cricket to GSM Cricket?
  7. Selling an iPhone, what does "free and clear" mean?
  8. help unlock srceen password on a Samsung galaxy 3 sgh-i747?
  9. galaxy s4 soo slow?
  10. Cricket accept Iphone 4s? *READ BELOW*?
  11. Can I flash a IPhone 5s from AT&T to cricket?
  12. Can you unlock a flashed phone?
  13. can i block someone from texting me on cricket?
  14. Can I unlock a flashed phone?
  15. I bought my daughter a used Note 3 from eBay it says bad ESN from sprint. Can I get that phone flased to cricket and everything work on it?
  16. Phone question?
  17. Update android Alcatel phone from version 2.3 to newest?
  18. Filing a warranty claim with cricket?
  19. Does any of the Sony Xperia work on Cricket?
  20. can a cricket wireless customer still text and see texts even though the phone is temporarily disconnected?
  21. How is the new Cricket wireless?
  22. can i flash a sprint iphone 5s to cricket?
  23. What is the cheapest Cricket Family Plan?
  24. iPhone 5s or 5c?
  25. iPhone 5s, iPhone 5c, Or Galaxy S4 and Ugg Boots?
  26. I have a cricket S4 can i buy a striaght talk sim card and use the phone cricket normally dont have simĀ¶ cards but this one does?
  27. Does the NEW CRICKET Wireless (recently bought by AT&T and combined with AIO) have a payment plan for all their phones?
  28. Which Cricket phones do you recommend?
  29. What's wrong with my phone screen?
  30. Does anyone here have a cricket cell phone?
  31. Is there any pay as you go payment plan for cricket wireless?
  32. Can I Get 4G On My Flashed Cricket Iphone 5?
  33. will cricket iphone 5 work internationally without unlocking it?
  34. How can I switch to at&t from Aio wireless?
  35. lost my cricket phone how much does it cost to switch my number to a new cricket phone?
  36. why cant cricket staff on the phone be all on the same page?
  37. Water Damaged Phone?
  38. My aunt phone & its turned off & has no charge it keeps on vibrating i take the battery off & it stops i put the chargeron it wount turn on?
  39. Cell Phone Provider Credit Question?
  40. Help on cell phone trade ins?
  41. Is it better to buy a new cell phone & then go on a month to month?
  42. Switching up phones?
  43. Does the cricket samsung galaxy discover smartphone have the swagbucks tv mobile app on it?
  44. How can I get a hotpot with my Samsung Transfix??? (Cricket Wireless)?
  45. how can u have a u s cellular phone number and the msid number is cricket number when u know u have been with u s for seven years?
  46. My cricket huawei ascend 2 isn't turning on?
  47. which is better?
  48. which is better?
  49. Help asap with my cell phone please!!?
  50. Can you wipe a sprint iphone 4 clean?
  51. Verizon Droid Razr Maxx. What companies flash it?
  52. Is it possible to get the Note 3 on a prepaid plan.?
  53. switching from cricket to verizon can I use my same galaxy s3 phone?
  54. will my galaxy s3 from cricket work with AT&T or verizon wireless networks?
  55. cellphone problems?
  56. Why does my 3G not work for my apps on my Cricket phone?
  57. cricket cell backup?
  58. Can I buy a new cricket phone without an adult ?
  59. do I have to be with Cricket phone service for 2 years before canceling my plan?
  60. Is Virgin Mobile have good service? All Possible points?
  61. In the middle of my phone conversation my phone will beep like I pressed a key.?
  62. can i use gsm phones with cricket now that they are changing over?
  63. can i use a duel band or quad band phone with cricket?
  64. Can you manually switch to the 3G network on the ZTE Source smartphone?
  65. How much would cricket charge to flash my verzion moto G?
  66. Details about crickets 5 lines $100? Please help?
  67. Will cricket wireless replace my phone?
  68. *#0*# Does not work on my Galaxy S4?
  69. Samsung S4 receiving pictures help?
  70. How do I get service on CyanogenMod 11 (M3)?
  71. Cricket 4g lte question?
  72. When Do Phones Go Bad, I Need help with my phone..?
  73. AMAZON Huawei Mercury Prepaid Android Phone (Cricket)?
  74. Cricket 4G Lte Question?
  75. can I buy a cell phone from....10 points?
  76. Does anyone else experience this with Cricket?
  77. cricket possibly selling galaxy s5?
  78. Can't remember my unlock code?
  79. question about Cricket Phone Company?
  80. the Cricket 4G run around? anyone else?
  81. Can I activate my I phone through Cricket?
  82. does anyone kno if its possible to.... cell phones?
  83. How to update a 4.0 to a 4.1 android?
  84. Wtf is the point in me paying for internet on my phone if I don't get full speed all the time?
  85. Which is better, AT&T or Sprint?
  86. old cricket 4g lte MEID numbers!?
  87. Can I flash my verizon phone to a Cricket phone?
  88. Verizon moto razor flash?
  89. Activation Fee Replacement iPhone?
  90. What is the tax on the Iphone 5C at Target and Radioshack?
  91. Galaxy s4 unlocking (5 star rate )?
  92. Where can i get a cricket 4g lte sim card online or substitute for another carrier sim card? Have a S3 phone?
  93. help with my data usage! cricket phone?
  94. Can i flash my AT&T iPhone 5 to Cricket Wireless?
  95. why does my internet shut off while I'm on the phone?
  96. What does 2.5gb/mo means on 4g phones?
  97. Can you change a phone carrier to another phone?
  98. ordering a phone online?
  99. ordering a phone online?
  100. Samsung Galaxy s4 sync issues!!?
  101. how do i know if my s3 is unlocked?
  102. could i flash a us cellular s3 to cricket?
  103. What does 2.5GB Full-Speed Data Allowance mean?
  104. im having phone issues!?
  105. ive got a Samsung galaxy y and ive got a game on it stick cricket and it pauses at the loading menu?
  106. How much to flash verizon iPhone 4 to cricket?
  107. is it legal to download music on cricket muve for my cell phone?
  108. will a galaxy note 3 fully flash to cricket?
  109. got a problem with my new phone number?
  110. I have a iphone 3g 8GB at&t is it possible to switch phone to cricket?
  111. iPhone Problems. Need Help!?
  112. Why doesn't Cricket have 4G LTE in my area yet?
  113. missing text messages on cricket smartphone... what can i do to fix it?
  114. is cricket a fast company with the iphone 5s?
  115. what's a good carrier to get with an iphone is cricket good?
  116. Why doesn't roaming work on my iPhone 4 (CDMA) when I have the roaming on for Cricket Wireless?
  117. Why is my cricket huawei prepaid phone not sending my messages?
  118. How can i get my delivery report on my phone to start working again help please?
  119. Samsung S4 locked to Cricket wireless (CDMA) unlock to AT&T (GSM) help?
  120. How can I reset my voicemail password?
  121. How can I permanently cut off or lower (Cricket Galaxy S3) Cell Phone Service but still keep wifi, text,etc?
  122. Apps that's on Google play?
  123. iPhone 5c sprint can this phone be flashed?
  124. Can a sprint iphone be flashed to cricket?
  125. Can a Verizon or AT&T phone be flashed to cricket?
  126. Cell Phone Problem, Can someone help me?
  127. Samsung Galaxy Discover Cricket phone frozen?
  128. Booting tethered? iPhone 4 6.1.4 CDMA Model?
  129. im gona flush my phone!!!!!!!!?
  130. Phone company's??????
  131. Phone flashing????????
  132. I got my galaxy s3 flashed to cricket from sprint and my internet doesn't work help?
  133. How can I get my sprint phone turned on at cricket?
  134. How can I get my sprint phone turned on at cricket?
  135. How can I get my sprint phone turned on at cricket?
  136. Im going out of the country and need some cell phone help.?
  137. Free Weather Text Alerts ?
  138. Free Weather Text Alerts ?
  139. Free Weather Text Alerts ?
  140. Free Weather Text Alerts ?
  141. Straight talk or Cricket?
  142. How can i flash a cricket phone to verizon?
  143. is Cricket Wireless good?
  144. how much are the iphone 5 at cricket ?
  145. what phones are compatible with cricket wireless?
  146. Iphone 5?????????????
  147. What Is Cricket cell phone service like in Cheyenne Wyoming?
  148. Does anyone know Cricket's MMS Settings?
  149. Does anyone know Cricket's MMS Settings?
  150. Verizon and cricket sold phones?? HELP PLEASE!!?
  151. What does CDMA Generic mean?
  152. How do I get an APN or VPN on my iPhone 3gs?
  153. (iPhone 5s owners only) Is the iPhone 5s a big difference from the 4s?
  154. Will this unlocked phone work for Cricket?
  155. Cricket Smartphone Plan?
  156. How Much is a iphone 5 from cricket worth?
  157. How much is my iphone 5 worth?
  158. if someone has access to my 4 digit code for cricket can they get information from a non cricket phone?
  159. H2o wireless help???
  160. Can I flash a Stolen Verizon iPhone 4s to Cricket?
  161. Samsung Galaxy Discover Complications?
  162. Is Metro PCS a good phone carrier? Nokia Lumia 521?
  163. How do I use my promo code on my Cricket phone?
  164. If i reset my htc evo 4g will i still have cricket flash?
  165. If i reset my htc evo 4g will i still have cricket flash?
  166. how do I flash my sprint galaxy s3 to cricket?
  167. What does this mean? Text from Cricket?
  168. does tmobile check credit for no contract plans?
  169. Employee for cricKet? Free phone plan?
  170. verizon activation help?
  171. how to find out my voicemail password without calling costumer service.?
  172. Does cricket charge for over data usage?
  173. After calling 611 to Change my cricket cell phone number what number do I then need to call to activate it?
  174. Are there any prepaid "Smartphones"?
  175. Flashing a verizon cell phone back to verizon?
  176. why is my ZTE engage android is acting really weird?
  177. What prepaid carrier should I choose?
  178. The iPhone 5????????
  179. What are the names of the CMDA carriers cricket has for roaming?
  180. Can you update a flashed phone?
  181. If I buy an iPhone 4(Sprint) with a BAD ESN, can I flash it to Straight Talk or Cricket?
  182. how much will cricket charge me?
  183. I have an android phone from cricket, and I am having a dilemma...?
  184. thinking of switching phone servers who should i choose?
  185. can someone explain what exactly an unlocked phone is?
  186. people with iPhones from cricket..this question is for you?
  187. apple iPhone from cricket: pros and cons?
  188. Question about the iphone 5c sim free?
  189. When will cricket put the iphone 5s and 5c on the shelves?
  190. Cricket vs Metro Pcs?
  191. Can you axes to a android cricket lg phone reset it and how you unlock it?
  192. What's a good app to download music?
  193. will my flash go away if i get the ios7?
  194. I have a flashed i phone to cricket & i want to update to the ios 7 can i?
  195. Unlock an iphone with no service?
  196. Can I flash a phone that is still in service?
  197. how much would cricket charged to connect my iphone 4?
  198. The Samsung Galaxy S4 for Cricket?
  199. have a cricket HUAWEI M660, have light bulb icon in right hand corner. what does it mean?
  200. Should I get Samsung Galaxy s3 or Iphone 4s?
  201. Can a cricket phone be unlocked?
  202. A question about my iPhone 4s please help?
  203. take a screenshot on Cricket Engage LT
  204. flash a sprint phone to a cricket phone
  205. SD card blank or unsupported filesystem
  206. sell/trade cricket Iphone 4
  207. reactivate your cricket phone
  208. flash your sph m900 from sprint to cricket
  209. flash a jailbroken iPhone 4 on 6.1.3 to Cricket for free
  210. Cell reception... Help please
  211. I currently own a cricket blackberry curve and want to switch to a touchscreen smartphone, recommendations
  212. I watch any videos on my Galaxy 3
  213. there is a txt msg that i can send to cricket and they lp pay my bill. does anyone know what that is
  214. Cricket cell phone roaming and coverage
  215. factory reset my cricket zte muvemusic phone
  216. isn't my Sprint Samsung Galaxy Note 2 4G working on Cricket
  217. Anyone with the Walmart cell phone plan Are plans a decent price Is the service good or poor
  218. flash my iPhone 4S to cricket service it is AT&T
  219. which cell phones use sdhc as well as a video camera above 1 mega pixel.
  220. Extreme cell phone trouble please help!!!
  221. Installment plans for Cricket wireless
  222. download music to my Huawei Acsend!!
  223. I don't get vocie mails
  224. Does Cricket Charge To Reconnect A Phone Again
  225. Im trying to download apps on my Cricket Zte
  226. Will Crickets (Cell phone company) "Muve Music" work if i'm on an airplane
  227. I have a huawei Ascend 2 from cricket and was wondering if there was a way to take screenshots on there If so
  228. Can anyone give me Tips and Tricks fir the Huawei Mercury Ice cellphone on cricket.
  229. I bought an iPhone 4 for Cricket from Cincinatti, Ohio but the iPhone isn't available in the Chicago area.
  230. download cricket07
  231. Can someone tell me what's so Bad about Prepaid Phones
  232. help my zte cricket won't charge and it low battery
  233. If I already have cricket but I want to upgrade my phone, do I pay the retail price or the final price
  234. flash a sprint iphone 5 to cricket
  235. Don't judge me if this is a stupid question..
  236. My phone is reading "blank SD card"
  237. the best and cheapest brand to buy a apple iphone 4
  238. flash a tmobile phone to cricket
  239. Will cricket ever have you can add an ipad on an account like what you can do on AT&T
  240. I lost my phone at a party and I have insurance. what do I do
  241. My phone was wet all night, its a galaxy s 3 and I have insurance
  242. My Cricket Phone won't send/receive messages at my house
  243. If i have a cricket iphone and i put a sim card on i take it out change back to cricket
  244. Does cricket wireless work at fort sill Oklahoma for army basic training
  245. sell my old cricket phone
  246. Best Cellphone Service/Phone For Texting/Internet Fan
  247. a 4GB memory hold
  248. memory/songs store on this phone
  249. Galaxy s3 only s VPN
  250. Can a phone with a bad ESN be flashed to Cricket