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  2. how do i activate my Telus prepaid without web activation?
  3. SIM card interchangeablitiy?
  4. Is it possible to activate this iPhone?
  5. Do I need to be the original owner of a phone to request carrier unlock?
  6. What is a good first phone?
  7. How much will it cost to buy an iPhone 5s and switch that phone onto my contract?
  8. What is a phone prepaid add-on?
  9. What is a phone prepaid add-on?
  10. Telus Lg G2 Device not registered?
  11. Looking for a cheap unlock code for Xperia Ray locked to Telus?
  12. How to unlock Huawei Ascend Y215 locked to Wind Canada ?
  13. Price of iPhone 5c on a 2 year contract?
  14. How to unlock Huawei Ascend Y210 from telus at a low price,please give quotes?
  15. unlocking a galaxy s3?
  16. Questions about iPhone and iMessage?
  17. telus texts question?
  18. Buying a locked phone off Kijij?
  19. I recieve text messages way after they are sent?
  20. How is Telus an open system?
  21. Can send text but cannot receive?
  22. How to unlock a Samsung Galaxy Discover S730M locked to Canadian network?
  23. Can I use a TELUS smartphone with a prepaid plan?
  24. Is there any way I can upgrade my phone without paying termination fees (telus)?
  25. Why can't my new phone connect to service?
  26. Is koodo under Bell, Rogers, or Telus?
  27. Galaxy s4 data not working?
  28. Can I use a phone from telus in the U.S?
  29. Can I use a phone from telus in the U.S?
  30. Can I use a phone from telus in the U.S?
  31. 10 Points best answer - Could I qualify under my parents phone plan?
  32. Can you buy Moto G outright through Koodo & Telus?
  33. Samsung S3 keeps hanging up?
  34. Issue with text messages on iphone 4s?
  35. Is there a reason my texts stop sending?
  36. Telus cancelled my account?
  37. Can I text to a different province? Please help?
  38. What is a good cell provider in saskatchewan?
  39. Issue with my iPhone 4s and texting? 10 pts best answer!!?
  40. I ordered a refurbished HTC One?
  41. I am canadian and was wondering if the lenovo a850 cell phone would work with telus/ a Canadian network?
  42. Where can I buy an unlocked Moto G in Canada?
  43. Data Ad Ons? I'm confused!?
  44. Are prepaid phones unlocked?
  45. Why is my Iphone 4 doing this?
  46. How do I install a ROM on my phone?
  47. Found an Iphone, how do i use it?
  48. Help!!! Can my parents see what I did on my data on iphone??? Best answer 10 pts?
  49. How can I check if I have an icloud account with my iphone?
  50. Should I get the Nexus 5?
  51. how can I know if I have icloud on my iPhone?
  52. Purchased a sprint iPhone 5 need unlocked?
  53. Where to get iPhone 4s cheap in Canada (GTA)?
  54. Can send pictures on my iphone 4s?
  55. Cant send pictures on my iphone 4s?
  56. I cant send pictures on a telus prepaid phone?
  57. Upgrading my phone, please help!?
  58. Important: Can I Sell This Phone?
  59. Can I sell this phone?
  60. Can I sell my phone that's under a contract?
  61. iPhone Cellular Data Problem?
  62. how do telus family phone plans work ?
  63. What would you have to do - if possible - to switch an iPhone to a different carrier?
  64. Are there any legit sites where i can buy a decent new phone, without a contract like prepaid?!?
  65. Giving iPhone 3 to my moms boyfriend. What do I do with the sim card?
  66. Can I buy a smartphone in the U.S and then set it up with a Canadian phone carrier?
  67. My Koodo Account is Expired but I Payed for 2 months?
  68. Can you get a month-to-month plan with bad credit with Telus?
  69. How can i disable a phone feature?
  70. Telus 10 Favourite Numbers?
  71. Can I unlock my iphone?
  72. Shouldn't Telus Phones Work With Koodo?
  73. Can you get a month-to-month plan with Telus (Canada) if you have bad credit?
  74. Easy 10 Points, simple question, will my phone running through Telus (Canadian Carrier) work in Australia?
  75. Will Telus let me sign a contract with bad credit?
  76. How can I get a Cellphone plan with bad credit (Canada)?
  77. How To Root Samsung Galaxy S2 No Computer?
  78. I just bid on an iPhone 4s from the US and I'm not sure if it will work in Canada!?
  79. is texting free all across canada?
  80. How to get 30dollars/month plan for Nexus 4?
  81. What if I sold the free telus tv and the buyer said there was problems with it?
  82. Is anyone having trouble with unlocking your telus phone?
  83. Can you buy a phone on Telus.ca with debit?
  84. Telus Coverage? Do they use bell/rogers towers?
  85. Is This A Scam?? Kijiji?
  86. Need help with buying a phone from someone! Please help!?
  87. Virgin Mobile (Sony Xperia SP) Vs. Koodo (Nokia Lumia 520)?
  88. if i brought my blackberry z10 white to telus would they exchange it for black one?
  89. Are there any cell phones out right now with a zoom feature you can use on any screen?
  90. Deleted a number by accedent
  91. If my phone got cut off (well, the texting plan expired), did the other person get my texts
  92. telus unlimited texting
  93. telus unlimited texting
  94. to buy a phone at the start of my contract
  95. New phone and I can't text..
  96. get an iphone with pay as you go
  97. Canada no more 3 year cellphone contracts
  98. My Telus prepaid account seems to say I have unlimited data, do I
  99. couldn't I buy the phone they had it in stock
  100. Moving away from Rogers (Citifone) due to poor reception. Need alternatives.
  101. couldn't I buy the phone they had it in stock
  102. Is it possible not to pay cancellation fees
  103. Are there any providers that can take over a Telus plan to get my business
  104. Is Telus messaging2500, 2500 messages daily or monthly
  105. Need information on telus mobility plans
  106. think will cost to cancel a 3 year phone contract with Telus Mobility
  107. Iphone question plz help
  108. Question about buying an iphone 5 at apple.
  109. Rogers vs Bell vs Telus vs Wind vs Vrigin - Markham
  110. Cell phone help. iPhone Of Samsung galaxy
  111. I switch to pay as you go from a different account
  112. Unlimited texting plan, telus
  113. Phone replacement options with Telus
  114. deactivate an old phone and activate a new one
  115. IPhone 5 prepaid!Read details
  116. long have to back out of a Telus contract
  117. I purchased an iphone 3gs unlocked from Rogers. Not sure who did it. I am using it on Telus.
  118. iPhone on Prepaid Plan
  119. Phone not letting me send texts & use data..
  120. Telus Internet plan expired 3 days ago but still has connection
  121. Telus contract was suppose to expire yesterday..we still have a connection toda
  122. Telus contract was suppose to expire 3 days ago but still working
  123. Does this include data used for texting/calling
  124. Unlock a lost phone help
  125. Is it free if I text someone from California I live in Canada
  126. Does an iPhone 5 need wifi or just use the 4g data internet
  127. anyone in cold lake alberta having problems with telus
  128. Telus Family Data Share Plans Work
  129. just buy a sim card from Telus and put it in a new phone and be pay as you go
  130. Best plan for my phone
  132. First bill for Telus help
  133. First bill with Telus confusing
  134. set up pre-authorized payments for my cellphone bill
  135. Cell Phone plans from Canada to the US
  136. Does a phone with the frequency, Network Band: GSM 850/900/1800/1900 MHz work on rogers,bell,telus etc
  137. Galaxy sIII provider question
  138. Carrier Unlock Jailbroken iPhone 4
  139. the Unlocked cell phone
  140. What happens if I canceled to my current contract will I be able to keep my current phone number
  141. some good phone plans
  142. Have to use 3G to use mobile network
  143. about my cell phone! i switch from Rogers to Telus
  144. I register my unlocked iPhone to a new carrier
  145. What family phone plan is better -- Rogers, Bell, or Telus
  146. Telus long distance texting plan
  147. Are the text messages from telus free
  148. Are the text messages from telus real
  149. Video calling question
  150. Cant parents see my text messages! PLEASE HELP ME
  151. Does anyone have/had any issues with Telus
  152. Question about found galaxy s3
  153. Telus as a cell phone provider, overall
  155. it to terminate my 3 year contract with telus
  156. if i have a telus iphone, that came from the TELUS STORE, would i still have to unlock it to make it prepaid
  157. Cellphone question plz help
  158. Cell phone question plz help
  159. Cell phone question sony xperia plz help
  160. 2 year contract or prepaid
  161. What happens you get a new phone
  162. cell phone account balance drain itself
  163. Which Canadian Cell Phone Carrier has the Best Rates
  164. Bell Canada Mobile ETF Question
  165. Bell Canada Mobile ETF Question
  166. Problems with Carrier and iTunes
  167. If I cancel my top-up-card cell phone for one year to use my brother's phone instead
  168. Getting billed 200$ for data...my dad is gonna kill me!
  169. is my cellphone 911 fee almost four dollars
  170. What's a good telus pay & talk phone to buy
  171. use Telus prepaid cards on Koodo
  172. Jailbreaking an iPhone
  173. Do Canadian Cell Phone Companies have buyout deals
  174. Do Canadian Cell Phone Companies have buyout deals
  175. the samsung galaxy s4 comes out just switch sim cards
  176. is an iphone still in the box from telus unlocked
  177. add an international number to my fave 10
  178. Will Rogers match a Telus or Bell cell phone plan
  179. Will Rogers match a Telus or Bell cell phone plan
  180. If i am with telus text any in canada
  181. Canadians with Wind mobile, any issues for you
  182. Unlocked iPhone 4S Problem (3G)
  183. can u put in rogers sim card in telus phone
  184. get a good phone plan from Telus
  185. Locating my lost phone
  186. put my telus prepaid SIM card in any phone I want
  187. I bought an iPhone 4S online they said it was unlocked but it wasn't. find out carrier
  188. change a device with Telus
  189. What's the best cell phone company
  190. pple give me a new iphone (says no sim card installed)
  191. If i cancel my contract will I be able to use same phone with prepaid
  192. On the Telus website, see which numbers I sent the most text messages to
  193. old have to be to have a cellphone in your name
  194. a cell phone bill
  195. r plan
  196. Change My Plan Before My Contract Ends
  197. the NCK code for the inq chat 3g
  198. About cell phone fees
  199. long will I get until telus cuts me off due to unpayed bill
  200. Is Telus or Rogers better in Hamilton Ontario
  201. Is Telus or Roger better
  202. use my Prepaid Ufone sim (from Pakistan) in Canada
  203. cost money to text the us
  204. Help with my telus phone 10 points best answer
  205. Is texting from canada to the U.S. free with Telus
  206. Question about Telus
  207. is 12 digit activation Code for telus prepaid
  208. put minutes on a new jailbreak iphone
  209. Unlock iPhone 5 Canada Telus on iOS 6.0.2 Baseband 01.01.00
  210. Telus charges monthly
  211. Telus or Koodo for a phone
  212. Telus or Koodo for a phone
  213. Can any phone with Telus be used with Pre-Paid services and website I can view them all
  214. Wich company and phone is better Opinions and reviews please!
  215. Wich company and phone is better Opinions and reviews please!
  216. long does Telus take to ship a cellphone
  217. to get a good iphone plan
  218. long does Telus take to ship a cellphone
  219. International cell phone plans
  220. Is bell a good phone company
  221. additional local airtime
  222. Blackberry Storm Activation Fail
  223. I have iPhone 4S download version 5 twitter
  224. Iphone 4s Trouble........
  225. exchange my iPhone Help!
  226. a good company to go on a 3 year contract with other then telus
  227. unlock an iPhone twice
  228. i don't have a telus prepaid Starter Card!!!
  229. unlock an iphone 4
  231. please help me set up my telus pre-paid phone
  232. unlock my telus iPhone so I can use it on Rogers for free
  233. Looking to get a phone from wind mobile
  234. the iPhone 4S
  235. Is TELUS experiencing technical difficulties in Central Alberta
  236. Telus Iphone family plans
  237. Bell, Telus, or Rogers on Samsung Galaxy S3 in Ontario
  238. Negotiate with telus mobility
  239. nano sim and iphone 5 help
  240. what phone from telus
  241. activate iPhone 4s 5.1.1 with Gevey Ultra S
  242. To Update a Contract with a New Phone
  243. For an Individual, on average, a smartphone cost per month
  244. [HELP] Exit odin mode in galaxy s2
  245. buy a phone Easy 10 points
  246. What cellphone company go with
  247. switch sim cards between 2 Iphone 4s
  248. which network provider to choose for iPhone 5 in Canada
  249. Cell plan and company for me!
  250. Are you tied down to a contract with Koodo