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  1. unlocked blackberry initialization failed?
  2. how much do you think the iphone 5S will cost?
  3. will telus unlock my phone at the store?
  4. can I switch phones while still under contract with fido?
  5. Do I have to pay an extra month to cancel my Rogers plan?
  6. 1-877-866-9930 Who is this & Why do they keep calling me @ Fido? And Why hasn't Fido blocked this # from their Network?
  7. iPhone sim not working?
  8. What's the Tab 24 Agreement with Fido?
  9. What's the best iPhone plan in Canada?
  10. a problem with the warrenty company and receiving my money for my phone?
  11. Can you get a new phone?
  12. Any tutorials on unlocking iPhone 4?
  13. Do Canadian wireless carries legally have to tell you when you're almost over your data?
  14. No Service through Fido?
  15. Can you use fido trade when you have a contract?
  16. What does "My Balance" mean on FIDO?
  17. Samsung Galaxy Nexus keeps rebooting itself?
  18. Will a Rogers SIM card work with a Fido iPhone 4 ?
  19. Will a Fido phone work with a Virgin Mobile Canada SIM Card?
  20. I cannot receive texts or calls on my google nexus 5??
  21. I was given a rogers iphone 4s and i am with fido. will they unlock it if it hasent been active in 4 mothes?
  22. will fido unlock my rogers iphone 4s?
  23. Can I activate my iphone 4s with a blank SIM?
  24. Can you switch from Rogers to Fido?
  25. Buying an iPhone secondhand/Confused about carriers?
  26. Is your FIDO network having problems?
  27. Cell phone calls people on its own (no record in call history)?
  28. Is there anyway to change my ringback or caller tone?
  29. Rogers Iphone 4 unlock to Fido?
  30. Samsung galaxy s4 or HTC one?
  31. How to spend Prepaid balance from phone to purchase other things?
  32. Thoughts on wind mobile cellphone coverage?
  33. Can I buy an unlocked phone from another phone carrier?
  34. would my Fido data/ service still work out of Canada?
  35. Nexus 5 wifi only battery life?
  36. Do you know any phone unlocking websites that are *FREE*? HELLP!!?
  37. Unlock code for LG-P990hN fido anyone know the unlock code?
  38. How to Enter Unlocking Code On BlackBerry Curve 3G 9300? locked to fido?
  39. Will Droid Maxx work in Canada with Fido?
  40. Need help unlocking Nokia 2330c-2?
  41. Can I use an unlocked Bell phone with Fido?
  42. Unlocked phone not working?
  43. how much to cancel my phone contract?
  44. How to replace recorded name with phone number in voice mail.?
  45. Will a locked Rogers phone work with Fido?
  46. Thinking about upgrading to the iPhone 5s?
  47. How much are iPhones on Fido prepaid?
  48. If I buy a phone from ebay with a bad ESN, can I use it for other carriers?
  49. How do I activate my fido phone?
  50. Does the s3 from fido have quad core?
  51. best phone providers
  52. Upgrading your phone help!
  53. Fido $35 prepaid plan be active I travel to the states
  54. Which is better for a student on a budget, Fido or Bell Note I live in Alberta
  55. Fido cell phone warranty
  56. question about cellphones with fido
  57. My Blackberry Bold 9790 keeps restarting
  58. an iPhone 4 now in Canada
  59. Trying to order a Canadian cell phone
  60. unlock a Iphone 4
  61. Help with fido plan question 10points
  62. rogers to fido iphone 5
  63. Koodo vs Fido Whos Better
  64. a Fido credit limit
  65. a Fido credit limit
  66. Good phone plans in B.C
  67. Which Canadian carrier go to
  68. i pay for international incoming calls FIDO
  69. Is Fido a good phone company to go to
  70. get on a fido plan if I from the u.s.
  71. active a phone on fido
  72. i need a fake phone #
  73. Which cell phone provider works best in North Bay, Ontario
  74. Does fido cell service work in Muskoka
  75. Free/ Cheap Fido Iphone 5 Unlock
  76. Free/ Cheap Fido Iphone 5 Unlock
  77. Free/ Cheap Fido Iphone 5 Unlock
  78. Free/ Cheap Fido Iphone 5 Unlock
  79. es roaming charges work
  80. What does unlimited international texting mean
  81. Hi I want a new phone badly
  82. check data limits on your phone
  83. No service or Emergency calls only on S3
  84. use a visa debit for getting a phone with a company such as fido telus koodo
  85. Phone unlocking for a good price in richmond
  86. Fido cell coverage in Thunder Bay
  87. send a new phone to canada
  88. With Fido nyway to get your monthly bill texted to you
  89. a fido $100 data retention plan
  90. buy a new phone
  91. I sell a cell phone quick
  92. Help me choose my first iPhone
  93. Sim card for an Iphone 4
  94. cell phone contracts
  95. smaller cell phone companies in canada
  96. an iPhone 4S cost a month approximately
  97. buy a phone from Amazon and use it in Canada
  98. fido charged me $500 for using Kakao talk
  99. Its 3ΒΆ/KB and i have used 325MB please tell me i will be paying!!
  100. cheapest sim card available
  101. Any Wind Mobile user in Canada
  102. PLEASE help - need info for iPhone 4 unlock
  103. Virgin's phone coverage in the Waterloo region compared to Fido's
  104. My Sony Xperia phone's touch screen broke
  105. FIDO. Agreement cancellation.
  106. What American cellphone provider is coming to Canada and
  107. unlock a fido iphone 3g to work with bell
  108. about the carrier 'Fido' in Canada
  109. FIDO phone question!
  110. cannot get passed activation screen on iphone
  111. I activate my iPhone 4s
  112. going to get my Iphone replaced, what to bring to the Apple store
  113. What phone get on a standard plan for fido
  114. Getting out of cellphone contract (Service sucks) Canada
  115. Cheap phone that is compatible with the apps 'WhatsApp' and 'Tango'
  116. keep the same cell number If I change companies
  117. I'm thinking of getting a iPhone 4s
  118. put a fido sim card in a mobilicity phone
  119. r parents get your texts
  120. Unlock My iPhone 3G
  121. buy a fido phone without contract
  122. Someone mugged me and is using my Galaxy S3
  123. What other company looked phones use on mobilicity plans pls help
  124. I just got a bb 9790 with 200 mb of data, be enought
  125. Iphone Help Please :/
  126. who can unlock my iphone 5 with fido
  127. Rogers to Fido switch (Canada)
  128. Virgin Mobile Canada
  129. Does anybody know unlock an iPhone 4S with Fido for free
  130. A few jailbreak questions
  131. Fido, Koodo, or Virgin Suggestions
  132. get a pay as you go sim card in edmonton
  133. the charge you go over the talk limit on fido
  134. buy a galaxy s3 from fido and activate it with wind
  135. Who I the best cell phone provider
  136. switch to another service
  137. Cheapest data plan with Wind
  138. switch to another service plan
  139. Does walmart have Fido sim cards
  140. Fido lied to me I signed a 3 year contract
  141. delete network operators on my Galaxy S III
  142. Phone data not working
  143. What's a good phone to upgrade to
  144. I have an iphone 3GS version 4.1, I upgrade to 5.1.1, to unlock/jailbreak after help!
  145. it to unlock a fido iphone 4s from gsmliberty Oh and is it guaranteed
  146. IPhone 4s question
  147. Best place to purchase phone
  148. iphone 4s wont send imessage :(
  149. would it cost to cancel my cell phone plan
  150. White iPhone 4s with a maximun plan of $30
  151. Which mobile company
  152. My phone says I have an incoming call from the person I'm talking to
  153. What happens if I put my Fido sim card in a phone I buy off the internet
  154. long will I wait for my Iphone 4 unlock
  155. Fido Iphone 4 contract
  156. south korean galaxy s3 sk version work in canada under rogers or fido
  157. make sense having a 100mb data plan if you use your own internet
  158. change phone or OS if I have a 2 years contract
  159. Fido Add-on: Unlimited text 50 cents per day
  160. If I buy a phone from amazon/ebay, still have a plan with any cellphone company
  161. get a COMPLETE Fido (Canada) phone account history
  162. Is the Sharp SH-7218u working with KOODO
  163. I Phone locked until end of contract
  164. Transfering phone number and phone question
  165. What do I do with my Fido Dollars
  166. charge me to call this number
  167. the FIDO Account Maintenance Agreement
  168. Does rogers iphone work with fido sim card
  169. Blackberry curve work in Italy
  170. Is this phone plan worth it
  171. what fido phone is best
  172. internet data run out so fast
  173. iPhone 4 unlocked question!
  174. HELP! I'm locked out of my phone!
  175. Does MMS (Multimedia Messanging Service) cost extra
  176. If i buy a Blackberry 9900 from Mobilicity, could it be used on fido network
  177. best plan to buy iphone 5 with
  178. transfer or cancel my plan from rogers and go to fido
  179. what Canadian smart phone plan have and you pay
  180. buy a phone from a different carrier
  181. i have an iphone 5 with fido, i was wondering if i message is free
  182. Which samsung galaxy note 2
  183. fido customer relation email
  184. does fido require you to have a dataplan with the current samsung galaxy nexus at 0$ for a 2 year term
  185. Having trouble unlocking iPhone 4S
  186. Do all phones have the same sim card
  187. Activating Iphone 5 UNLOCKED
  188. Unlocking/Jailbreaking an iphone 4 by myself
  189. SimCard Activation for United States
  190. Cheapest phone company for iphone data/call/text plans
  191. Upgrading my Blackberry Curve to an iPhone 4s but stay on the same plan & contract
  192. officially install 4.1 Jelly Bean
  193. unlock blackberry 9700 from my service providers
  194. suing Fido, Rogers or Expedia in small claims court
  195. whats the cellphone plan in canada
  196. i can test if a phone works without a compatible sim
  197. What do with my BlackBerry 8250
  198. fido or no no,ok,that doesn't rhym at all...
  199. ask for cellphone company
  200. If you buy an unlocked phone, use it with ANY provider
  201. Question about Phone contract
  202. for me to use my Philippine iPhone 4S with a Canadian Mobile Carrier
  203. android app to send texts via wifi
  204. If I buy a galaxy s3 in hongkong and bring it back to Canada, work with my fido sim
  205. Fido phone I need help
  206. If I update my unlocked iphone lock up again
  207. Texting over Canada with Fido
  208. Anonymous hate text messages I stop it
  209. iPhone 5 or Samsung galaxy S3 or the iPhone 4s HELP!
  210. Best basic unlimited texting plans canada
  211. unlocked HTC Merge does not work with my SIM (Consumer Cellular, uses AT&T network).
  212. the Galaxy nexus with a fido standard plan
  213. Could I use my Fido SIM card in an AT&T phone
  214. Cancel cell phone contact without penalties
  215. Buying iPhone, SIM Card help
  216. Does fido offer the Galaxy Nexus with a standard plan
  217. unlock Iphone 4
  218. My iPhone 4s was locked to Bell but I unlocked it to Fido then I updated to ios 6 and my phone got locked
  219. I'm stuckkkkk IPHONE 4S IOS 6 GEVEY PROBLEMS
  220. use pay as you go for a contract cell phone that is cut off
  221. Can leaving a cell phone on too long cause this
  222. Cell Phone plans question
  223. get a nano sim card for future iPhone 5
  224. What's the best service provider out there right now
  225. Service Provider for iPhone 4S
  226. Is Mobilicity a good carrier
  227. Fido phone work with Telus
  228. list of numbers that i have texted on fido service
  229. Android Samsung Note.
  230. browsing for a ringtone on Rogers, I keep getting an error message.
  231. problems with nokia X2
  232. Help with the LG Gossip Pro!
  233. really cost phone companies for their service
  234. Easy 10 Points: buy a locked iPhone & have a 3rd party unlock it & get a talk and text plan WITHOUT data
  235. Fido Prepaid Plan Question
  236. Can anyone recommend a company that offers a good cellphone plan in Ontario
  237. the best cellphone plan in Canada
  238. change your cellphone plan in the end of the 3-year contract
  239. Galaxy nexus 3g Problems
  240. What stores get a Sim card in canada that is pre-paid for fido
  241. Is fido mobile Canada any good
  242. Does anyone know my phone isnt working
  243. Fido Prepaid Questions!
  244. Will i get charged if i call smeone and hang up
  245. Phone not turning on
  246. have an iPhone 5 plan without a contract and no data plan
  247. Does texting cost FIDO
  248. For some reason ever since I switched to rogers I can only connect to 2g and I cannot use multimedia messaging
  249. galaxy nexus from fido. help
  250. first phone plan cost