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Default Question: I ve hooked up my Xbox to my projector, and have the video working. I need

I have a Sony 3LCD Projector, and an Insignia Stereo System with two Yamaha speakers connected to it. I am connecting my Xbox One to the projector via HDMI and the video is working perfectly. I need to figure out (again) how to get the audio for my Xbox now. My projector solely has video component jacks (Yellow/Video, Green/Y, Blue/Cb, Red/Cr) and my Insignia stereo system solely has audio in/out jacks. Important: The speakers are set-up properly to the stereo system (so if audio was playing, I would hear it).I have successfully hooked up my projector to my stereo system before and gotten the audio to work, but I just can t remember the right set-up here. If you know the proper way to work with this situation, please let me know. Or, if you have a better solution, I d love to hear that as well!

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