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Default are there any launchers or other applications for android that add more than nine home screens

Right now I absolutely LOVE the app "MultiPicture Live Wallpaper" Which allows you to customize each individual home screen with a different wallpaper. It is absolutely amazing and it has a maximum setting of TWENTY WALLPAPERS and a lock screen! Well, all the launchers I've looked through don't add more than NINE home screens. My current favorite being "FTL Launcher," otherwise known as "Faster Than Light Launcher" which is a simplistic launcher that is super fast and light, currently using only 1.32 MB of memory on my phone. It allows me to add nine home screens and is compatible with MultiPicture Live Wallpaper. But I have more then 10 favorite pictures, so I have resumed my search for a new app with more. If you can help me I would be much obliged. I don't care for anything special besides more home screens. And they have to be individual screens, not one long infinite one or they wont be compatible with MultiPic. Oh and it would be nice if it was free but I'd settle for a paid version if it worked. Thanks!

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