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Default ny Android app that allows you to send free (or cheap) SMS, with the ability to receive messages

I've been thinking about replacing my costly and outdated cell phone with a tablet, recently.

95% of what I use my phone for is web browsing, so I really see no need to pay for a voice and text plan. My local carriers offer tablet plans that suit my needs for $20-35/mo.

Anyways, I barely ever make voice calls, so I don't mind giving that up. (or I can use Skype if I need to)

But I do text occasionally, so I would like to keep that ability (even if it does end up being some less than ideal solution).

I've read about some apps like TextPlus and aSMS, but here's the problems I have with most of them:

1) I live in Canada...... So pretty much none of the good services like google voice are available here...

2) There are some pretty good apps that allow you to send free text messages, but are there any that will give you a dedicated phone number, so people can contact you directly?

Anyways, I would really appreciate it if anybody knows of a good solution, so I can stop paying for stuff I don't use.

Thanks =D

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