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Default Virgin Mobile phone still be in service I switch to MetroPcs along with the Virgin Mobile number

I plan on switching to MetroPcs service on the 15th of this month from my Virgin Mobile company. I've been with VM for about a year as my 1st phone and I wanna switch to MetroPcs since i can afford it now especially without the hassle of running out of minutes & topping up all the time. When i switch to metro on the 15th I would like to switch my VM number to the MP service because I have a lot of important contacts that I cant lose. I already know MP can switch my VM number to their new phone but my VM phone bill is due every 1st of the month. If i buy a MetroPcs phone and switch the number to my MetroPcs phone will my VM phone still be connected because like every other phone service i will have approximately 15 to 16 days of service left on it. And if that phone still is in service even when I switch the number, can I change the number on my VM phone and give it to my little sister? (i know and im sorry for making this sound complicated. Can someone help me?) pleasseeee!

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